2011 Third Quarter WFTDA Rankings Released

November 7, 2011

WFTDA has released regional rankings for the third quarter of 2011. As has been traditional with the rankings cycle that follows the regional playoff tournaments, the top ten in each region reflect the results of the Playoffs. The one exception is in the East Region, where the Dutchland Derby Rollers are ranked at #9, one slot lower than where they finished in the East Region Playoffs. In addition to tournament results, the third quarter rankings reflect the results of WFTDA-sanctioned games played through Sept. 30, 2011. WFTDA member leagues vote on rankings within their respective regions using game data.

The biggest shift in the East Region is the London Rollergirls, who jumped five slots, from #10 to #5, as a result of their first ever Playoffs performance. There were some small rankings shifts in the lower half of the East Region, as newer teams got more sanctioned bouts under their belts, with a handful of teams moving up or down one slot. For the most part, the region's rankings remained stable.

Similarly, in the North Central Region, the biggest shifts took place at the top, following Playoffs results. The Chicago Outfit hops up from #9 to #5 in the region and the Arch Rival Roller Girls rose two spots, to #6. The Detroit Derby Girls dip two slots to #4 in the region, after coming just shy of a trip to the WFTDA Championships, and the Mad Rollin' Dolls fell to #10 after finishing the North Central Playoffs without a win. There were virtually no changes in the remainder of the region's ranks, but the Rockford Rage Women's Roller Derby debuted at #26 in their first ranking since becoming WFTDA members.

The South Central Region also had one new league being ranked for the first time, as the Springfield Roller Girls debut at #25. Jacksonville RollerGirls took the biggest leap in South Central, rising six slots to #12. Aside from those changes, the field stayed relatively stable between quarters. Texas Rollergirls reclaimed the #1 spot in the region after winning the South Central Playoffs, bumping Kansas City Roller Warriors to #2. No Coast Derby Girls and Green Country Roller Girls also each gained one spot following their Playoffs performances.

Rankings in the closely matched West Region were, as they often are, volatile in the third quarter. Oly Rollers and Rocky Mountain Rollergirls remain at #1 and #2, respectively, but Rose City Rollers and Rat City Rollergirls both rose in the ranks to take the #3 and #4 slots at the West Region Playoffs, bumping down some other top 10 teams along the way. Two new leagues were ranked for the first time--Dockyard Derby Dames at #21 and the Junction City Roller Dolls at #28. Slaughter County Roller Vixens rose two spots, to #11, causing some additional small shifts in the region ranks, as several other teams moved up or down a level or two.

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