WFTDA Releases 2013 Rules of Flat Track Roller Derby

November 19, 2012

The Women’s Flat Track Derby Association has released updated Rules of Flat Track Roller Derby. The new rules officially go into effect for all WFTDA-sanctioned play Jan. 1, 2013, and were released today so all users of the rule set can begin learning and training under them.

This highly anticipated release represents the first major rules update since May 2010 and makes significant changes to the structure of the game by eliminating minor penalties and altering the way jams are started.

“The new rule set is a big step forward, improving both game play and the fan experience,” said WFTDA Rules Committee Chair Ivanna Destroya. “The switch to no minors will allow for a more uninterrupted game flow. The single whistle jam starts will allow play to get started right away and render confusing jam start tactics obsolete, such as players starting on their knees.”

The updated rules document is now available for online viewing and download in the Rules Central section of

The Men’s Roller Derby Association will be releasing an MRDA-branded version of the Rules of Flat Track Roller Derby on Nov. 23. One of the noticeable changes in this rules update is a switch to gender-neutral language and diagrams throughout the document.

“The WFTDA wanted to create a more universal rule set, so switching to gender-neutral language and diagrams allows anyone to follow these rules without feeling excluded,” Destroya said.

The WFTDA is also planning to begin releasing official translations of the rules, starting in the new year, to better serve current and future members and to help facilitate additional growth of the sport worldwide. The first translation will be German, anticipated in January, followed by French and Spanish in mid-2013.

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2013 Flat Track Roller Derby Rules

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