WFTDA Launches New Certification Program for NSOs

March 23, 2012

The Women's Flat Track Derby Association is pleased to announce the expansion of its Certification program for roller derby officials to include a new committee focused solely on certifying non-skating officials (NSOs). The NSO Certification Committee will enable the WFTDA to better evaluate and recognize the diverse skill, experience, and knowledge of the officials filling essential roles as penalty trackers, scorekeepers, timekeepers and other trackside positions.

This move continues the WFTDA's multi-year effort to ensure consistent, quality officiating throughout the organization, through a combination of education at WFTDA Officiating Clinics and WFTDA Certification of referees and NSOs.

Previously, non-skating officials were able to obtain one level of WFTDA Certification through the current Referee Certification Program, while skating officials can be certified at Level 2 through Level 5. Over time, it has become evident that a more robust and precise process is needed for NSOs, as well.

The new NSO Certification system will feature:

  • Five levels of certification
  • Evaluations more specific to the jobs that NSOs perform
  • Tests more targeted to the duties of NSOs than the current Referee Certification rules test

The NSO Certification Committee consists of a chairperson and one representative from each WFTDA game play region: Intejill of Boston Derby Dames, Chairperson; 90 Degree Johnson of Queen City Roller Girls, East Region; TechKnuckle Nikki of Oklahoma Victory Dolls, South Central Region; Danziger of Naptown Rollergirls, North Central Region; Nine Inch Wheels of Dockyard Derby Dames, West Region.

Details about when and how NSOs can begin applying for Certification, as well as how NSOs certified under the current system can transfer into the new system, will be announced in the coming months. Also stay tuned for upcoming updates to the Referee Certification program.

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