WFTDA Insurance Now Open to All Flat Track Derby Leagues

November 20, 2012

The WFTDA is excited to announce that all flat track roller derby leagues will be eligible to purchase their leagues' general liability and excess medical insurance through the WFTDA starting in 2013.

The WFTDA has offered insurance coverage to its full member leagues since 2008, later extending coverage to its apprentice members. This year, members of the Men's Roller Derby Association became eligible to enroll in WFTDA insurance coverage.

This latest expansion will open enrollment to all adult and junior flat track roller derby leagues in the United States. Leagues electing this coverage must agree to adhere to the WFTDA Safety Protocol. There will be additional requirements for those enrolling in junior roller derby coverage, in line with standard protocols for youth sports programs.

“WFTDA is extending our insurance plan in order to share our quality coverage and protect the skaters and leagues playing the sport,” said WFTDA Executive Director Juliana Gonzales. “Unified risk management practices and safety protocols make our sport safer and more consistent, which creates a community that can leverage its collective buying power to get better, cheaper coverage. We're very proud to be the organizing force that allows all of flat track roller derby to unite for the good of the sport.”

WFTDA insurance coverage includes:

  • General liability coverage for $2 million, per league
  • Excess liability coverage for $5 million, aggregate, per league
  • Accidental medical coverage:
    • $1,500 deductible for skaters with primary insurance
    • $7,500 deductible for skaters without primary insurance
    • $10,000 maximum

Coverage is available to leagues at a cost of $65 per person, annually. The paperwork is minimal and there are no other insurance fees—no sanction fees, no charter fees, no late fees, no transfer fees!

WFTDA has insurance reciprocity agreements with MRDA, USA Roller Sports (USARS), Canadian Women’s Roller Derby Association (CRDI), and Roller Sports Canada (RSC) if RSC members purchase travel insurance. USARS requires that events be sanctioned in order for coverage to be in effect. USARS sanctioning requirements apply, regardless of the host league's insurance coverage.

Eligible leagues will be able to enroll after December 1, 2012.

Please contact the WFTDA Insurance Office, at (512) 484-4215 or for more information about eligibility and coverage.

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