WFTDA Restructures its Rules Committee

June 11, 2013

To better meet the needs of the organization and support further development of the sport of flat track roller derby, the WFTDA is undertaking the first major restructuring of its Rules Committee.

The new Rules Committee will have two primary branches, the Theory Panel and Application Panel, and will also have specialized support positions to help accommodate the committee’s workload.

In addition, the committee will, for the first time, include non-voting members representing the interests of other users of WFTDA rules, the Men’s Roller Derby Association and junior roller derby.

“We recognize that our rules are widely used outside of our member leagues, as the most-used flat track roller derby rule set. That is why we began using gender-neutral pronouns in the Jan. 1, 2013 rules, for example. We are extending that to bring representation from men’s and junior roller derby to our panel,” Kuhn said.

To learn more about the new Rules Committee structure and its members, read the full press release: WFTDA Restructures Rules Committee

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