WFTDA Ranking Policies

WFTDA regional rankings are carried out quarterly and released a few weeks after the standard calendar quarter.  The rankings are calculated by a vote of all active WFTDA leagues.  To be included in the ranking poll a new WFTDA league must complete two sanctioned WFTDA games against a previously ranked league. 

Ranking Policies

WFTDA Rankings are released quarterly per region.  How rankings are determined:

  • WFTDA member leagues vote quarterly to rank all eligible members.  The rankings are released in the last week of January, April, July, and October.
  • WFTDA Rankings are intra-regional; each member votes on the members of their own region to create a ranking within that region.
  • Leagues are eligible to enter the rankings poll once they have played two WFTDA-sanctioned games against a ranked member.
  • Eligibility to play in WFTDA-Organized tournaments in the fall is based on the rankings released in July.
  • The weighted votes are averaged to create a relative in-region score, which assigns the rank.

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