Gotham Wins 2011 East Region Playoffs!

September 18, 2011

by Mya Bloody Valentine

Alt textFor the second year in a row, Gotham Girls Roller Derby goes into the WFTDA Championships as the top seed from the East. The Philly Roller Girls and Charm City Roller Girls will round out the top three as the first of the Big 5 Tournaments came to a close.

London Rollergirls continued their upswing, defeating Montreal Roller Derby in a nail-biting final jam, claiming 5th place in the East after coming in to the East Region Playoffs seeded as #10. London's Stefanie Mainey was voted tournament MVP.

Gotham - 2011 East Region Champion

Photo by GS Johnson Photography

East Region Playoffs Day 3 Results

Montreal vs London

Photo by GS Johnson Photography

  • London Rollergirls (#10) 137
    Montreal Roller Derby (#5) 135
    London Rollergirls gained the most from this tournament, coming in as the #10 seed and finishing in 5th. Montreal Roller Derby dropped one spot to #6.

  • Charm City Roller Girls (#3) 189
    Steel City Derby Demons (#4) 94
    Charm City secures 3rd place in the East and a trip to the WFTDA 2011 Championships, and Steel City Derby Demons remains 4th.

  • Gotham Girls Roller Derby (#1) 252
    Philly Roller Girls (#2) 97
    Gotham will go into the WFTDA Championship as the #1 seed from the East, with Philly at #2.

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Bridgetown Brawl, the WFTDA West Region Playoffs begin September 23 in Portland, OR. Find event information at

The WFTDA 2011 Championships, Continental Divide and Conquer, are hosted by the Denver Roller Dolls November 11-13 in Broomfield, CO.

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