Women's Flat Track Derby Association Gender Policy


The purpose of this policy is to designate a set of criteria that applies to chartered team skaters in sanctioned interleague games so that athletes are able to compete on a level playing field in a safe, competitive, and friendly environment, free of discrimination. Fundamental fairness requires Women’s Flat Track Derby Association (“WFTDA”) to provide intersex and transgender athletes with equal opportunities to participate in athletics while still maintaining integrity as a women’s sport. This policy creates a framework in which this participation may occur in a safe and healthy manner that is fair to all competitors. This policy does not consider whether an athlete has undergone sex reassignment surgery, as such surgery is not considered medically necessary or linked to competitive equity.


For the purposes of this policy, the following definitions apply:

  1. Gender Identity. One’s inner concept of self as male or female or neither.

  2. Transgender Person. An individual whose gender identity does not match the sex assigned to him or her at birth. A Male-to-Female Transgender Person was assigned the sex of male at birth but has a female Gender Identity.

  3. Intersex Person. “Intersex” is a general term used to indicate an individual born with a reproductive or sexual anatomy and/or chromosome pattern that doesn’t seem to fit the typical definitions of female or male.

  4. Female. Living as a woman and having sex hormones that are within the medically acceptable range for a female.

  5. Health Care Provider. A licensed practitioner who provides healthcare to patients independently or pursuant to the prescription of a healthcare provider as recognized by his/her state regulatory agency. Includes (a) doctors of medicine or osteopathy authorized to practice medicine or surgery under State law, and (b) Nurse practitioners, nurse-midwives, and physician’s assistants authorized to practice under State law and performing within the scope of their practice as defined under State law.


  1. This policy only applies to chartered team skaters in sanctioned interleague games.

  2. To participate on the chartered teams in WFTDA-sanctioned games, an athlete must be Female, as defined herein. Male athletes may not participate, nor can those born female or Intersex who identify as male.

  3. Transgender or Intersex athletes who meet the definition of Female, as defined herein, are eligible to compete provided that, upon request, the athlete can produce a signed original statement, on office letterhead, from the athlete’s attending healthcare provider. The statement must include:

    a. Healthcare provider’s full name;

    b. Healthcare provider’s license or certificate number;

    c. Issuing jurisdiction of medical license/certificate;

    d. Address and telephone number of the healthcare provider;

    e. Language stating that he/she is the attending healthcare provider for the athlete and that he/she has a doctor/patient relationship with the athlete; and

    f. Language stating that the athlete’s sex hormones are within the medically acceptable range for a female. It is solely within the healthcare provider’s judgment to determine what range is “medically acceptable” for a female.

  4. Leagues will attest that the rostered athletes meet all eligibility requirements set by the WFTDA, which includes eligibility as a Female competitor, as defined in this policy, when submitting their chartered rosters.


WFTDA will maintain such information and documentation submitted pursuant to this policy in confidence, with only counsel, WFTDA’s medical advisor(s), the Board of Directors, and, in the case of an appeal under Section V, the Grievance Committee, having access to such information and documentation.


Should a league accuse another league of not properly determining eligibility of its athletes for participation pursuant to this policy, WFTDA will review the matter pursuant to its current Grievance Policy.

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