WFTDA’s Partnership with UN Women

The Women’s Flat Track Derby Association is thrilled to announce our 2017 partnership with UN Women, whose mission is to achieve gender equality and women’s empowerment worldwide. Through this partnership, both organizations will collaborate on strategic objectives, such as fundraising for and supporting UN Women’s One Win Leads to Another program, which uses sport to develop leadership and economic skills in young women and girls.

UN Women’s revolutionary One Win Leads to Another program builds leadership skills in adolescent girls ages 10-14 by using athletics as a catalyst for change. During this critical window of time in the lives of young women, 49 percent of girls drop out of sports–6 times the dropout rate for boys.

One Win Leads to Another creates safe spaces for girls to break social barriers and equips them with basic economic skills, increased knowledge of their bodies, and the confidence to access services in the event of violence. The program’s ultimate goal is to reverse a cycle of inequality through sport, and the WFTDA is proud to support these initiatives with the help of our global roller derby community.

The WFTDA recognizes that sport can be a powerful driver for change and equality worldwide. We are proud to add our support to One Win Leads to Another sports instruction in Brazil, where UN Women and partners serve nearly 1,000 young women with this educational program. In 2018, the WFTDA will add roller derby to the list of sports being taught when we hold our first WFTDA basic skating skills clinic for UN Women in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil in early 2018.


  • Helping the WFTDA raise $15,000 for One Win Leads to Another through your generous online contributions with our We Believe platform;
  • Designating $5,000 of these funds to cover costs for the first ever WFTDA Minimum Skills Clinic for young women in Brazil, using basic roller derby skills to develop confidence in these new skaters in tandem with UN Women’s One Win Leads to Another program.


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