In 2019, in addition to the three Continental Cups, the WFTDA will add two Developmental Cups during the WFTDA competitive season to promote rankings play in regions that do not yet have enough teams at the rankings level required to run a Continental Cup. To promote the equalization of rankings across regions, the WFTDA Rankings and Competitive Play Committees will create the tournament structure and  solicit one or two teams from other regions via a scholarship program to compete in the event. Participating local teams will then be required to play sanctioned and/or Strength Factor Challenge games against other teams in the region post-tournament to share their rankings benefit.

The WFTDA is seeking bids for hosts for the following Continental Cups:

  • North America – East (Friday-Sunday from mid- to late August)
  • North America – West (Friday-Sunday from mid- to late August)
  • Europe (Saturday-Sunday from late September/October)

And for Developmental Cups between February 1 – June 30, 2019 for:

  • South America
  • Australia/New Zealand

Bid Process and Schedule

For information on this bid process, including responsibilities of the host league and the WFTDA, see our 2019 WFTDA Continental Cups Bid Introduction document.

All bid applications are due by Monday, October 1, 2018 via the online 2019 WFTDA Continental Cups Application Form. This form includes information on your league, the city and one venue. The 2019 WFTDA Continental Cups Bid Application Content document outlines all the questions in the survey.

If you would like to submit a bid for more than one venue, you should submit the first venue via the above application form, then complete information for an additional venue via the Additional Venue application form. Please complete one of these for every additional venue you wish the WFTDA to consider.

The WFTDA will notify hosts selected for a Cup by Wednesday, October 31, 2018.

Should you have any questions during this process, or wish to submit additional materials to support your bid, you may contact the WFTDA at

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