WFTDA-Recognized Tournaments
The WFTDA-Recognized Tournament Program recognizes and supports high-quality WFTDA-member hosted tournaments worldwide. The program aims to create a partnership between the WFTDA and quality host-run roller derby events that provide rankings play opportunities and support the mission and development of WFTDA around the world.

Read the complete program description and find out how to apply.

2020 WFTDA-Recognized Tournaments

The Turing Cup

February 22-24
Northampton, UK
Hosted by Rebellion Roller Derby

Lobstah Roll

March 14-15
Wilmington, Massachusetts, USA
Hosted by Boston Roller Derby

Clover Cup

March 20-22
North Richland Hills, Texas, USA
Hosted by Dallas Derby Devils

Dust Devil Invitational

April 3-5
Tucson, Arizona, USA
Hosted by Tucson Roller Derby

Pacific Invitational

April 3-5
Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia
Hosted by Sun State Roller Derby

Siege of CNY

April 4-5
Rome, New York, USA
Hosted by Central New York Roller Derby

Snoho Collison

April 4-5
Lynnwood, Washington, USA
Hosted by Jet City Roller Derby

Cactus Cup

April 11-13
Phoenix, Arizona, USA
Hosted by Arizona Roller Derby

Skate to Thrill

April 18-19
St. Charles, Missouri, USA
Hosted by St. Chux Derby Chix

Southern Discomfort

April 24-26
Columbia, South Carolina, USA
Hosted by Columbia Roller Derby

The Big O

May 3-5
Eugene, Oregon, USA
Hosted by Emerald City Roller Derby

Low Down Throw Down

May 8-10
Augusta, Georgia, USA
Hosted by Soul City Sirens

Put Up Your Toques

May 8-10
Waterloo, Ontario, Canada
Hosted by Tri-City Roller Derby

La Foire du Nord

May 15-18
Beaupré, Québec, Canada
Hosted by Roller Derby Québec

West Track Story 8

May 16-18
Nantes, France
Hosted by Nantes Derby Girls

Hometown Throwdown

May 29-31
Portland, Oregon, USA
Hosted by Rose City Rollers

Coastal Chaos

June 6-8
Rockport, Maine, USA
Hosted by Rock Coast Rollers

Uff Da Palooza

June 6-8
Wausau, Wisconsin, USA
Hosted by Mid-State Sisters of Skate

Deep Blue 9

June 13-14
Carson City, Nevada, USA
Sierra Regional Roller Derby

Monsoon Madness

June 13-15
Phoenix, Arizona, USA
Hosted by Arizona Roller Derby


June 19-21
Feasterville, Pennsylvania, USA
Hosted by Philly Roller Derby

La Classique Georgia W Tush

June 26-28
Montréal, Québec, Canada
Hosted by Montréal Roller Derby

Big Dreams Tournament

June 27-28
Bellingham, Washington, USA
Hosted by Bellingham Roller Betties

Past WFTDA-Recognized Tournaments

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