The WFTDA-Recognized Tournament Program recognizes and supports high-quality WFTDA-member hosted tournaments worldwide. The program aims to create a partnership between the WFTDA and quality host-run roller derby events that provide rankings play opportunities and support the mission and development of WFTDA around the world.

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Download: WFTDA Recognized-Tournament Program Description


To Host League

The WFTDA-Recognized Tournament program gives host leagues the ability to brand their tournament or multi-game weekend as a quality, official WFTDA tournament.

The designation includes a package of marketing and networking benefits such as:

  • Use of the WFTDA-Recognized Tournament tagline “A WFTDA-Recognized Tournament”
  • Use of the Recognized Tournament logo on promotional materials
  • Strong consideration for Live Streaming Application (league-produced streaming carried on, must meet all requirements)
  • Marketing Pillar availability for consultation on tournament marketing endeavors
  • Print advertising in FiveonFive listing all WFTDA-Recognized Tournaments, where possible
  • Recognition and designation as an official WFTDA-Recognized Tournament on the Events listing of and on the WFTDA forum
  • WFTDA Social Media support on Facebook, Twitter
  • WFTDA messaging support – a “Key Mentions” document and WFTDA brand training
  • Support from other WFTDA-Recognized Tournaments – the WFTDA expects that all selected events will cross-promote the series of 2020 events with creative and message provided by the WFTDA
  • NEW! Any MRDA-sanctioned or Open Division beta test game at a WFTDA-Recognized Tournament will count as “sanctioned” for the purpose of officials’ game counts for WFTDA Certification and tournament staffing requirements. The game does not need to be registered in the beta test to count.

To WFTDA and WFTDA Membership

The WFTDA-Recognized Tournaments Program will provide:

  • WFTDA support and branding of member-league operated tournaments worldwide.
  • Consistent use of WFTDA Rankings system for host-run tournaments.
  • A standard level of experience for Tournament Head Officials.
  • Use of an application and hiring process for tournament officials.
  • Use of Games and officiating standards across WFTDA-member hosted tournaments.
  • Promotion by the WFTDA and increased marketing support for host-run events.
  • Better tournaments and support for rankings play in these events.
  • An opportunity for events to work together to promote a “season” of events.
  • Training and resources for roles and tournament best practices.

Eligibility and Requirements

In addition to all tournament sanctioning requirements listed in the WFTDA Sanctioning Policy, a WFTDA-Recognized tournament must meet the following requirements:

Tournament Structure

  • The tournament must take place during the WFTDA Competitive Season which runs from February 1 to June 30 may take place at any time of the year.
  • At least 50% of games in the tournament must be WFTDA-sanctioned.
  • The tournament must use WFTDA Rankings for any seeding of teams into brackets or high seed/low seed determinations. The host league may determine the ranking period based on which seedings will be set and must communicate that date in advance to participants.
  • The tournament must be open to the public, or if not, provide video or audio broadcast to the public.
  • The tournament is required to set up a communications system for tournament leadership to communicate with participating Officials and teams. A pre-tournament meeting for leadership to meet with teams is recommended.


  • Tournament Officials will utilize current WFTDA officiating hand signals, verbal cues, and officiating procedures for all games.
  • The Tournament Host must provide a staffing plan for officiating, including the staffing of the Tournament Head Referee (THR) and Tournament Head NSO (THNSO). The WFTDA recommends hiring a Certified Official or an Official with prior tournament experience at a comparable level of play. Tournament Head Officials (THOs) may officiate during the tournament.
    • THOs must complete the online Risk Management, THO Training, and Rules lesson.
    • A THO Mentoring program is available upon request (more info).
  • THOs must provide a system in which feedback is provided to all participating Officials so that they can learn and improve.
    • Feedback can be provided during and/or after the tournament.
    • Feedback must be provided in a respectful manner.
    • Officiating Evaluations must be provided by a Crew or Head Official (as appropriate) upon request.
    • Crew or Head Officials (as appropriate) should be expected to serve as a reference for future tournaments upon request.
  • Please see the WFTDA-Recognized Tournament Officiating Support Guidelines for additional recommendations for officiating at this level of tournament.


  • The Tournament Host must arrange for a Games Tournament Oversight Officer (GTO) to provide oversight for the entire tournament. All WFTDA-sanctioned games must have a GTO present to provide oversight. The GTO must have completed the WFTDA GTO online course modules prior to the tournament.
  • The Tournament Host must arrange for a Risk Coordinator for the tournament. The individual must complete an online course prior to tournament start.
  • The Tournament Host must complete the WFTDA Best Practices for Tournaments online course prior to tournament start.

Code of Conduct


  • The WFTDA will provide a marketing package to all selected tournaments.
  • The tournament must place the supplied WFTDA-Recognized Tournament logo on all promotional materials. (The WFTDA-Recognized Tournament logo must not be larger than the tournament and/or host league logos.)
  • The tournament must make available advertising space at their event, to cross-promote all selected 2020 events.


  • The WFTDA will provide a WFTDA-Recognized Post-Tournament Play Survey to each selected tournament host league. Within two weeks of the completion of the tournament, each host will solicit survey participation from a representative from each attending league, Crew Head (CH) or Tournament Head (TH) Officials and set deadlines for the survey’s closure. If the host runs their own survey, they must ensure that all content from the WFTDA survey is included and provide their results to WFTDA Competitive Play upon request.
  • Accept feedback and survey results from the WFTDA within two weeks of the closure of the WFTDA-Recognized Post-Tournament Play Survey.

Summary of Training Requirements and Other Support

All training will be free-of-charge. Any modules that are part of a paid subscription will be made available to participating individuals.

Training Module(s) or Support Who takes them? Required or recommended
GTO Training Modules GTOs listed on sanctioning application Required prior to event start
Risk Management, THO Training, Rules lesson Tournament Head Officials Required prior to event start
Inclusion and Standards Manager training, Risk Coordinator training, WFTDA Best Practices for Tournaments At least 2 people from host league Required prior to event start
THO Mentoring program Tournament THOs Available upon request (more info)

Application, Approval, and Appeals Process

WFTDA-Recognized Tournament status is granted for one calendar year and does not renew automatically. Tournament hosts must apply to renew their WFTDA-Recognized Tournament status annually.

Application Process and Dates

A WFTDA-Recognized Tournaments Review Panel will collect all application materials via a Google application form.

The application schedule is as follows:

Sept. 23, 2019 Opening date for applications for the 2020 Recognized Tournament season.
Oct. 31, 2019 Preliminary applications deadline (for tournaments who wish to be announced at Championships).
Champs – November 2019 2020 WFTDA-Recognized Tournaments announcement.
December 31, 2019 Final application for any 2020 Tournaments. Announcement will be made in January 2020

Applicants are required to provide as much information as they have available at the time of application. Requirements such as hiring of leadership and completion of training must be fulfilled prior to tournament start. Failure to do so may result in a loss of status for the following year.

Approval Process

The WFTDA-Recognized Tournaments Review Panel will be comprised of a member of Competitive Play, a member of the Officiating Committee, and a member of the Marketing Pillar. The Review Panel will review all properly submitted applications and determine if the requirements of WFTDA-Recognized Tournaments are met.

Should an application be rejected, the Panel will provide specific feedback as to why the application was not selected for inclusion. Additionally, the host league will receive recommendations from the Panel to consider for tournament plans prior to the next application review cycle.

WFTDA has no limit on the number of tournaments that may be approved for the program, as long as each tournament meets all program requirements stipulated.

Failure to immediately conform to the requirements of the program upon notice of the host league’s failure to comply will result in a rescission of the tournament’s WFTDA-Recognized Tournament status.

Appeals Process

Should a tournament host believe the application or renewal application was arbitrarily or capriciously rejected, they may submit a letter of appeal to the Games Officer at The Games Officer will review both the application and rejection notification and feedback. The Games Officer will communicate a final position on the petition back to the league within two weeks of receipt of the appeal.

The WFTDA will make every effort to assist a tournament host with a successful application and tournament, as long as the host is able to meet the requirements listed in the 2019 WFTDA-Recognized Tournament Eligibility and Requirements section.


Download the WFTDA-Recognized Tournament Application Guide for a list of application questions and information needed to fill out the application form.

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