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Over the last decade, the Women’s Flat Track Derby Association has provided sponsors with valuable partnerships to access our passionate roller derby audience and community. The International WFTDA Playoffs and Championships are the premiere roller derby competition and viewing events each year, and give WFTDA sponsors and advertisers the opportunity to engage directly with athletes and fans around the world at each of our events.

Get your brand in front of our Broadcast Audience!

In addition to in-arena opportunities at the International Playoffs and Championships, we are also offering broadcast sponsorships and advertising through our channel WFTDA.tv. Content created and produced by the WFTDA  allows us to bring our vision of high-quality roller derby productions to fruition, while keeping the integrity and excitement of the game front and center.

In 2018 we are continuing to expand the live, high quality, action-packed derby broadcast coverage available worldwide by adding the WFTDA Continental Cup events into the production schedule, giving potential sponsors 6 events consisting of 160 hours of broadcast coverage over 17 days to reach our ever growing audience.

The world of roller derby is waiting for you!


Since 2012:

  • Over 75K tickets have been sold to Playoffs and Champs.
  • More than 3.2M minutes of Roller Derby Playoffs and Champs have been watched.
  • 62% of our viewers surveyed are active purchasers from WFTDA promotional sponsors.

Over the last year:

  • WFTDA.com & WFTDA.tv hold an average of 43K hits per month.
  • Our Social Media has grown to reach an audience around the world of over 2.5M.
  • Explored the world of Twitch Free Streaming and reached 54K viewers.
  • Made impressions in 129K US households via our live broadcast on ESPN2.

Download a copy of our sponsorship prospectus for opportunities for our International Playoffs & Champs locations or our Continental Cups events. Please contact for assistance in booking your package!

Playoffs & Championships Sponsor Prospectus Continental Cups Sponsor Prospectus

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