Featured League of the Month

WFTDA runs on the power of its member leagues. Each league brings something different and special to the organization. Here we will introduce you to a different league every month, and tell you a little more about their accomplishments and contributions to the organization and the sport of women's flat track roller derby.

October 2014 Featured League: Chemical Valley Rollergirls

October 1, 2014


Don't let the name fool you: you won't need your HAZMAT suit to get close to this month's featured league! Learn more about WFTDA Playoff Hosts and October featured league, Chemical Valley Rollergirls.

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September 2014 Featured League: Demolition City Roller Derby

September 2, 2014

demolition-city Demolition City Roller Derby is doing double-duty this tournament season, as they compete in the D2 Playoffs in Kitchener-Waterloo while preparing to host the D1 Playoffs in their hometown of Evansville, IN, September 19-21. Read on to learn more about this month's Featured League.

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August 2014 Featured League: Tri-City Roller Derby

August 1, 2014

tri-city Formed in 2008, Tri-City Roller Derby graduated to full WFTDA member status in 2010 and has been ambitiously striving for excellence ever since. Not only will Tri-City Roller Derby be hosting a WFTDA tournament on their home turf, their travel team, the Tri-CityThunder, will be representing the league in the D1 Playoffs September 26th-28th in Salt Lake City, UT! Learn more about what to expect in Ontario for this month's tournament as well as what to look for when Tri-City competes in September.

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July 2014 Featured League: Harbor City Roller Dames

July 1, 2014


This month's featured league might be comfortable in the cold, but they're preparing a warm welcome this August as they host the WFTDA D2 Playoffs in beautiful Duluth, MN. Learn more about our July 2014 Featured League, the Harbor City Roller Dames.

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June 2014 Featured League: Rock n Roller Queens

June 2, 2014


This month’s featured league continued their pioneering roller derby ways when they became the first WFTDA member league in South America. Since 2009, Colombia’s Rock n Roller Queens have been contributing to the global growth of roller derby, and the WFTDA. The Rock n Roller Queens are keenly aware that their accomplishments are the result of every skaters’ efforts, and they aim to be role models for all women in their community. Read on to learn more about the WFTDA featured league for June, the Rock n Roller Queens of Bogota, Colombia.

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