WFTDA Sponsorships are Transforming into Partnership Programs

Over the last decade, the Women’s Flat Track Derby Association has provided sponsors with valuable partnerships to access our passionate roller derby audience and community in person and digitally. In the past, our International WFTDA Playoffs and Championships annual premier roller derby competitions brought thousands of people together in local arenas and through our broadcast viewing events each year. These tournaments highlight and give our WFTDA partners the opportunity to engage directly with athletes, build brand recognition with fans around the world, and be part of the highest competition level of roller derby!

Be a part of a sporting experience like no other!

With the world—and our beloved sport—adapting to a post-pandemic way of life, we have decided to launch a new partnership program in order to provide a more customized and inclusive approach for our partners to reach our audiences and community. These opportunities will provide our partners with the chance to reach roller derby audiences year-round rather than only at our tournaments.

We are especially looking for revolutionary brands, giving partners, or businesses from our community.

Contact us about which partner program best fits your needs and approach.

These programs are designed to give our donors and partners custom branded resources, direct access to our community, and brand exposure on our broadcast channels and weekly shows. Content created and produced by the WFTDA allows us to bring our vision of high-quality roller derby resources and productions to fruition while keeping the integrity and excitement of this sport front and center!

The world of roller derby is waiting for you!

Contact us to find more information about our organizational partnership opportunities or for assistance in booking your package!

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