There are currently 444 WFTDA Member Leagues on 6 continents.

WFTDA-charter teams compete for mathematically calculated rankings, and at the end of the Competitive Season (February 1 – June 30) are seeded into postseason tournaments (WFTDA Continental Cups and International WFTDA Playoffs & Championships) based on those rankings. Read more about our Tournament Structure and Rankings Policy.


Acadiana Roller Derby
  Lafeyette, LA, us
Adelaide Roller Derby
  Adelaide, au
Alamo City Rollergirls
  San Antonio, TX, us
Albany All Stars
  Albany, NY, us
Amsterdam Roller Derby
  Amsterdam, nl
Angel City Derby
  Los Angeles, CA, us
Ann Arbor Roller Derby
  Ann Arbor, MI, us
Kaiserslautern Roller Derby
  Rhineland-Pfalz, de
Appalachian Roller Derby
  Boone, NC, us
Arch Rival Roller Derby
  Saint Louis, MO, us
Arizona Roller Derby
  Phoenix, AZ, us
Salt City Roller Derby
  Syracuse, NY, us
Atlanta Roller Derby
  Atlanta, GA, us
Auckland Roller Derby
  Auckland, nz
Auld Reekie Roller Derby
  Edinburgh, Scotland, gb
Aurora 88s Roller Derby
  Aurora, IL, us
Babe City Rollers
  Bemidji, MN, us
Barcelona Roller Derby
  Barcelona, es
Barockcity Roller Derby
  Ludwigsburg, de
Bay Area Derby
  San Francisco, CA, us
Bay State Brawlers
  Fitchburg, MA, us
Panhandle United Roller Derby
  Ft Walton, FL, us
Bakersfield Diamond Divas
  Bakersfield, CA, us
Belfast Roller Derby
  Belfast, Northern Ireland, gb
Bellingham Roller Betties
  Bellingham, WA, us
Big Easy Rollergirls
  New Orleans, LA, us
Birmingham Blitz Dames
  Birmingham, England, gb
Black-n-Bluegrass Rollergirls
  Latonia, KY, us
Black Rose Rollers
  Hanover, PA, us
Blue Ridge Rollergirls
  Asheville, NC, us
Boom Town Derby Dames
  Wasilla, AK, us
Boston Roller Derby
  Boston, MA, us
Boulder County Bombers
  Longmont, CO, us
Brandywine Roller Derby
  Downingtown, PA, us
Brewcity Bruisers
  Milwaukee, WI, us
Brussels Derby Pixies
  Brussels, be
Burning River Roller Derby
  Cleveland, OH, us
Cajun Rollergirls
  Houma, LA, us
Calgary Roller Derby
  Calgary, AB, ca
Canberra Roller Derby League
  Canberra, ACT, au
Cape Fear Roller Girls
  Wilmington, NC, us
Carolina Rollergirls
  Raleigh, NC, us
Cedar Rapids RollerGirls
  Cedar Rapids, IA, us
Cedar Valley Roller Derby
  Waterloo, IA, us
Rock Town Roller Derby
  Little Rock, AR, us
Central Coast Roller Derby
  Paso Robles, CA, us
Roller Derby of Central Kentucky
  Lexington, KY, us
Central New York Roller Derby
  Utica/Rome, NY, us
Charlotte Roller Derby
  Charlotte, NC, us
Charlottesville Derby Dames
  Charlottesville, VA, us
Charm City Roller Girls
  Baltimore, MD, us
Chattanooga Roller Derby
  Chattanooga, TN, us
Chemical Valley Rollergirls
  Charleston, WV, us
Cherry City Roller Derby
  Salem, OR, us
Chicago Outfit Roller Derby
  Chicago, IL, us
Chippewa Valley Roller Derby
  Eau Claire, WI, us
Cincinnati Rollergirls
  Cincinnati, OH, us
Circle City Roller Derby
  Indianapolis, IN, us
Classic City Rollergirls
  Athens, GA, us
Golden City Rollers
  Johannesburg, za
Cologne Roller Derby
  Cologne, de
Columbia QuadSquad Rollergirls
  Columbia, SC, us
CoMo Derby Dames
  Columbia/Jefferson City, MO, us
Confluence Crush Roller Derby
  Metro East, IL, us
Connecticut Roller Derby
  Waterbury, CT, us
Convict City Rollers
  Hobart, TAS, au
Copenhagen Roller Derby
  Copenhagen, dk
Cornfed Derby Dames
  Muncie, IN, us
Crime City Rollers
  Malmö, se
Crossroads City Derby
  Las Cruces, NM, us
Dark River Derby Coalition
  Quincy, IL, us
DC Rollergirls
  Washington, DC, us
Demolition City Roller Derby
  Evansville, IN, us
Denver Roller Derby
  Denver, CO, us
Derby City Rollergirls
  Louisville, KY, us
Detroit Roller Derby
  Detroit, MI, us
Diamond State Roller Derby
  Wilmington, DE, us
Rocket City Roller Derby
  Huntsville, AL, us
Dock City Rollers
  Gothenburg, se
Dockyard Derby Dames
  Tacoma, WA, us
Dolly Rockit Rollers
  Leicestershire, England, gb
Dominion Derby Girls
  Virginia Beach, VA, us
Downriver Roller Dolls
  Woodhaven, MI, us
Roller Derby Dresden
  Dresden, de
Dub City Roller Derby
  Wellington, FL, us
Dublin Roller Derby
  Dublin, ie
Elevated Roller Derby
  Albuquerque, NM, us
DuPage Derby Dames
  Roselle, IL, us
Durango Roller Girls
  Durango, CO, us
Dutchland Derby Rollers
  Lancaster, PA, us
Eerie Roller Girls
  Erie, PA, us
Eindhoven Rockcity Rollers
  Eindhoven, nl
El Paso Roller Derby
  El Paso, TX, us
Emerald City Roller Derby
  Eugene, OR, us
E-Ville Roller Derby
  Edmonton, AB, ca
Fairbanks Rollergirls
  Fairbanks, AK, us
Fargo Moorhead Derby Girls
  Fargo, ND, us
Fernie Roller Derby
  Fernie, BC, ca
580 Rollergirls
  Lawton, OK, us
Fredericksburg Roller Derby
  Fredericksburg, VA, us
FoCo Roller Derby
  Fort Collins, CO, us
Fog City Rollers
  Saint John, NB, ca
Forest City Derby Girls
  London, ON, ca
Fort Myers Roller Derby
  Fort Myers, FL, us
Fox Cities Roller Derby
  Appleton, WI, us
Fort Wayne Roller Derby
  Fort Wayne, IN, us
Gainesville Roller Rebels
  Gainesville, FL, us
Gallatin Roller Derby
  Bozeman, MT, us
Garden State Roller Derby
  North Arlington, NJ, us
Gem City Roller Derby
  Dayton, OH, us
Glasgow Roller Derby
  Glasgow, Scotland, gb
Glass City Rollers
  Toledo, OH, us
Gold Coast Derby Grrls
  Fort Lauderdale, FL, us
Gotham Roller Derby
  New York, NY, us
Gothenburg Roller Derby
  Gothenburg, se
Grand Raggidy Roller Derby
  Grand Rapids, MI, us
Granite State Roller Derby
  Concord, NH, us
Gray City Rebels
  Sao Paolo, br
Green Mountain Roller Derby
  Essex Junction, VT, us
Greensboro Roller Derby
  Greensboro, NC, us
Greenville Derby Dames
  Greenville, SC, us
Hogtown Roller Derby
  Toronto, ON, ca
Hammer City Roller Derby
  Hamilton, ON, ca
Happy Valley Derby Darlins
  Utah County, UT, us
Harbor City Roller Derby
  Duluth, MN, us
Hard Knox Roller Girls
  Knoxville, TN, us
Hartford Area Roller Derby
  Manchester, CT, us
Hellions of Troy Roller Derby
  Saratoga Springs, NY, us
Ladies of HellTown
  Sao Paulo, SP, br
Helsinki Roller Derby
  Helsinki, fi
Houston Roller Derby
  Houston, TX, us
Hulls Angels Roller Derby
  Hull, England, gb
Humboldt Roller Derby
  Eureka, CA, us
Hurricane Alley Roller Derby
  Corpus Christi, TX, us
ICT Roller Girls
  Wichita, KS, us
Jackson Hole Juggernauts
  Jackson, WY, us
Jacksonville Roller Derby
  Jacksonville, FL, us
Jersey Shore Roller Girls
  Toms River, NJ, us
Jet City Roller Derby
  Everett, WA, us
Junction City Roller Derby
  Ogden, UT, us
Juneau Rollergirls
  Juneau, AK, us
Kallio Rolling Rainbow
  Helsinki, fi
Kansas City Roller Warriors
  Kansas City, MO, us
West Coast Derby Knockouts
  Ventura, CA, us
Okinawa Roller Derby
  Okinawa, jp
Lafayette Roller Derby
  Lafayette, IN, us
Lava City Roller Derby
  Bend, OR, us
Leeds Roller Derby
  Leeds, England, gb
Lehigh Valley Roller Derby
  Bethlehem, PA, us
Les Quads de Paris
  Paris, fr
Lilac City Roller Derby
  Spokane, WA, us
Lomme Roller Girls
  Lomme, fr
Limerick Roller Derby
  Limerick, LK, ie
Lincolnshire Bombers Roller Derby
  Lincolnshire, England, gb
Little City Roller Girls
  Johnson City, TN, us
Little Steel Derby Girls
  Youngstown, OH, us
London Roller Derby
  London, England, gb
London Rockin’ Rollers
  London, England, gb
Long Island Roller Rebels
  Massapequa, NY, us
Lowcountry Highrollers
  Charleston, SC, us
Lutèce Destroyeuses
  Paris, fr
Madison Roller Derby
  Madison, WI, us
Roller Derby Madrid
  Madrid, es
Maine Roller Derby
  Portland, ME, us
Greater Vancouver Roller Derby
  Vancouver, BC, ca
Peach State Roller Derby
  Marietta, GA, us
Mason-Dixon Roller Vixens
  Hagerstown, MD, us
Mass Attack Roller Derby
  Fairhaven, MA, us
MedCity Mafia Roller Derby
  Rochester, MN, us
Memphis Roller Derby
  Memphis, TN, us
Middlesbrough Roller Derby
  Middlesbrough, England, gb
Mid-State Sisters of Skate
  Stevens Point, WI, us
Minnesota Roller Derby
  Saint Paul, MN, us
Mission City Roller Derby
  Santa Barbara, CA, us
Mississippi Valley Mayhem
  La Crosse, WI, us
Mo-Kan Roller Girlz
  Joplin, MO, us
Molly Roger Rollergirls
  Melbourne, FL, us
Monterey Bay Roller Derby
  Monterey, CA, us
Montréal Roller Derby
  Montréal, QC, ca
Morgantown Roller Vixens
  Morgantown, WV, us
Mother State Roller Derby
  Richmond, VA, us
Muddy River Rollers
  Moncton, NB, ca
Munich Rolling Rebels
  Munich, de
Muscogee Roller Girls
  Columbus, GA, us
Nantes Derby Girls
  Nantes, fr
Naptown Roller Derby
  Indianapolis, IN, us
Nashville Roller Derby
  Nashville, TN, us
Naughty Pines Derby Dames
  Laramie, WY, us
Northern Brisbane Rollers
  Brisbane, QLD, au
Akron Roller Derby
  Akron, OH, us
Newcastle Roller Derby
  Newcastle Upon Tyne, England, gb
New Hampshire Roller Derby
  Manchester, NH, us
New Jersey Roller Derby
  Morristown, NJ, us
Nidaros Roller Derby
  Trondheim, no
No Coast Roller Derby
  Lincoln, NE, us
Northside Rollers
  Melbourne, VIC, au
North Star Roller Derby
  Minneapolis, MN, us
North Texas Roller Derby
  Denton, TX, us
Natural State Roller Derby
  Fayetteville, AR, us
Nottingham Hellfire Harlots
  Nottingham, England, gb
Twin Valleys Roller Derby
  Christiansburg, VA, us
Northwest Derby Company
  Bremerton, WA, us
Ohio Roller Derby
  Columbus, OH, us
Ohio Valley Roller Girls
  Martins Ferry, OH, us
Old Capitol City Roller Derby
  Iowa City, IA, us
Oly Rollers
  Olympia, WA, us
Omaha Roller Derby
  Omaha, NE, us
Antwerp Roller Derby
  Antwerp, be
Oslo Roller Derby
  Oslo, no
Pacific Roller Derby
  Honolulu, HI, us
Paradise Rollergirls
  Hilo, HI, us
Portneuf Valley Bruisers
  Pocatello, ID, us
Paris Roller Derby
  Paris, fr
Peninsula Roller Derby
  Redwood City, CA, us
West Florida Roller Derby
  Pensacola, FL, us
Perth Roller Derby
  Perth, au
Philly Roller Derby
  Philadelphia, PA, us
Pikes Peak Derby Dames
  Colorado Springs, CO, us
Pirate City Rollers
  Auckland, nz
Port Scandalous Roller Derby
  Port Angeles, WA, us
Prairieland Punishers
  Decatur, IL, us
Providence Roller Derby
  Providence, RI, us
SoCo Derby Dollz
  Pueblo, CO, us
Quad City Rollers
  Bettendorf, IA, us
Queen City Roller Derby
  Buffalo, NY, us
Wilkes-Barre Scranton Roller Derby
  Wilkes-Barre, PA, us
Rage City Roller Derby
  Anchorage, AK, us
Rainier Roller Riot
  Seattle, WA, us
Rainy City Roller Derby
  Manchester, England, gb
Rainy City Roller Dolls
  Centralia, WA, us
Rat City Roller Derby
  Seattle, WA, us
Roller Derby Quebec
  Quebec, QC, ca
Red Stick Roller Derby
  Baton Rouge, LA, us
Renegade Derby Dames
  Alliston, ON, ca
Resurrection Roller Derby
  Rohnert Park, CA, us
Richter City Roller Derby
  Wellington, nz
Ottawa Valley Roller Derby
  Ottawa, ON, ca
River City Roller Derby
  Richmond, VA, us
Roc City Roller Derby
  Rochester, NY, us
Roller Derby Karlsruhe
  Karlsruhe, de
Rock Coast Roller Derby
  Rockland, ME, us
Rockin City Rollergirls
  Round Rock, TX, us
Rock n Roller Queens
  Bogotá, D.C., co
Rocktown Rollers
  Harrisonburg, VA, us
Rocky Mountain Roller Derby
  Denver, CO, us
Rodeo City Rollergirls
  Ellensburg, WA, us
Fayetteville Roller Derby
  Fayetteville, NC, us
Rose City Rollers
  Portland, OR, us
Roughneck Roller Derby
  Tulsa, OK, us
Royal City Roller Derby
  Guelph, ON, ca
Royal Windsor Roller Derby
  Windsor, England, gb
Sacramento Roller Derby
  Sacramento, CA, us
Sailor City Rollers
  Buenos Aires, ar
Salisbury Rollergirls
  Salisbury, MD, us
San Diego Roller Derby
  San Diego, CA, us
Santa Cruz Derby Girls
  Santa Cruz, CA, us
Savannah Derby Devils
  Savannah, GA, us
Shasta Roller Derby
  Redding, CA, us
Sheffield Steel Roller Derby
  Sheffield, England, gb
Shore Points Roller Derby
  Williamstown, NJ, us
Sick Town Derby Dames
  Corvallis, OR, us
Silicon Valley Roller Girls
  San Jose, CA, us
Fabulous Sin City Roller Derby
  Las Vegas, NV, us
Sioux Falls Roller Dollz
  Sioux Falls, SD, us
Slaughterhouse Derby Girls
  Greeley, CO, us
Coeur d’Alene Roller Derby
  Coeur d'Alene, ID, us
SoCal Derby
  San Diego, CA, us
Sonoma County Roller Derby
  Santa Rosa, CA, us
Soul City Sirens
  Augusta, GA, us
South Bend Roller Derby
  South Bend, IN, us
South Coast Roller Derby
  San Clemente, CA, us
Southern Delaware Roller Derby
  Sussex County, DE, us
SO Derby
  Medford, OR, us
South Sea Roller Derby
  Parkdale, VIC, au
South Side Derby Dolls
  New South Wales, au
Spindletop Roller Girls
  Beaumont, TX, us
Springfield Roller Derby
  Springfield, MO, us
State College Area Roller Derby
  State College, PA, us
St. Chux Derby Chix
  St. Charles, MO, us
Steel City Roller Derby
  Pittsburgh, PA, us
Stockholm Roller Derby
  Stockholm, se
St. Pauli Roller Derby
  Hamburg, de
Suburbia Roller Derby
  Yonkers, NY, us
Sun State Roller Derby
  Browns Plains, QLD, au
Sydney Roller Derby League
  Sydney, NSW, au
Tallahassee Roller Derby
  Tallahassee, FL, us
Tampa Roller Derby
  Tampa, FL, us
Tampere Roller Derby
  Tampere, fi
Des Moines Roller Derby
  Des Moines, IA, us
10th Mountain Roller Dolls
  Eagle, CO, us
Texas Rollergirls
  Austin, TX, us
Thunder Bay Roller Derby League
  Thunder Bay, ON, ca
Tiger Bay Brawlers
  Cardiff, wal
Toronto Roller Derby
  Toronto, ON, ca
Tragic City Rollers
  Birmingham, AL, us
Tri-City Roller Derby
  Kitchener, ON, ca
Tucson Roller Derby
  Tucson, AZ, us
Twin City Derby Girls
  Champaign, IL, us
2×4 Roller Derby
  Buenos Aires, ar
Undead Roller Derby
  Antioch, CA, us
Ventura County Derby Darlins
  Ventura, CA, us
Vette City Roller Derby
  Bowling Green, KY, us
Victorian Roller Derby League
  Melbourne, VIC, au
Oklahoma Victory Dolls
  Oklahoma City, OK, us
Vienna Roller Derby
  Vienna, at
V Town Derby Dames
  Visalia, CA, us
Wasatch Roller Derby
  Salt Lake City, UT, us
West Texas Roller Derby
  Lubbock, TX, us
Whakatane Roller Derby
  Whakatane, nz
Whidbey Island RollerGirls
  Oak Harbor, WA, us
Windy City Rollers
  Chicago, IL, us
Wine Town Rollers
  Temecula, CA, us
Winnipeg Roller Derby League
  Winnipeg, MB, ca
Yellow Rose Derby Girls
  Houston, TX, us
Barbed Wire Betties
  DeKalb, IL, us
Bogotá Bone Breakers
  Bogotá, D.C., co
Roller Derby Bordeaux
  Bordeaux, fr
Brighton Rockers Roller Derby
  Brighton, England, gb
Roller Derby Caen
  Caen, fr
Cape Town Rollergirls
  Cape Town, za
Coastal Assassins Roller Derby
  Golden Beach, QLD, au
Capital City Crushers
  Topeka, KS, us
Dead End Derby
  Christchurch, nz
Dead River Derby
  Marquette, MI, us
Dom City Roller Derby
  Ulrecht, nl
Dundee Roller Derby
  Dundee, Scotland, gb
Dunedin Derby
  Dunedin, nz
Free State Roller Derby
  Rockville, MD, us
Cape Girardeau Roller Derby
  Cape Girardeau, MO, us
Gorge Roller Derby
  Hood River, OR, us
High Altitude Roller Derby
  Flagstaff, AZ, us
Keweenaw Roller Derby
  Hancock, MI, us
Kingston Roller Derby
  Kingston, ON, ca
Los Alamos Derby Dames
  Los Alamos, NM, us
Magic City Rollers
  Billings, MT, us
Maui Roller Girls
  Kahului, HI, us
Namur Roller Girls
  Namur, be
Northern Arizona Roller Derby
  Prescott, AZ, us
NOVA Roller Derby
  Leesburg, VA, us
Orlando Roller Derby
  Orlando, FL, us
Parliament of Pain
  Den Haag, nl
Penn Jersey Roller Derby
  Philadelphia, PA, us
Reading Derby Girls
  Reading, PA, us
Roller Derby Rennes
  Rennes, fr
Rotterdam Roller Derby
  Rotterdam, nl
Sierra Regional Roller Derby
  Lake Tahoe, NV, us
South Shore Roller Girls
  Hammond, IN, us
Twin City Roller Derby
  Bossier City, LA, us
Traverse City Roller Derby
  Traverse City, MI, us
Twin State Derby
  White River Junction, VT, us
York City Derby Dames
  York, PA, us
Echo City Knockouts
  Kailua-Kona, HI, us
Terrorz Roller Derby
  Columbus, IN, us
Rated PG Roller Derby Society
  British Columbia, ca
301 Derby Dames
  La Plata, MD, us
Black Diamond Rollers
  Troy, PA, us
Bux-Mont Roller Derby Dolls
  Sellersville, PA, us
Eves of Destruction
  Victoria, British Columbia, ca
Misery Loves Company Roller Derby
  Morgan Hill, CA, us
SINtral Valley Derby Girls
  Modesto, CA, us
Buenos Aires Roller Derby
  Buenos Aires, ar
Dirty Jersey Roller Derby
  Hazlet, NJ, us
East Vic Roller Derby
  East Victoria, au
Hiedras Roller Derby
  Cordoba, ar
Nice Roller Derby
  Nice, fr
Oulu Roller Derby
  Oulu, fi
Palouse River Rollers
  Pullman, WA, us
The Cannibal Marmots
  Grenoble, fr
Mexico City Roller Derby
  Mexico City , mx
Aalborg Roller Derby
  9000 Aalborg, dk
Flint Roller Derby
  Flint, MI, us
Nor Cal Roller Girls
  Chico, CA, us
As Brigantias Roller Derby
  A Coruña, es
Bergen Roller Derby
  Bergen, no
IE Derby Divas
  Grand Terrace, CA, us
Norrköping Roller Derby
  Norrköping, se
RGV Bandidas
  McAllen, TX, us
Roe City Roller Derby
  Monroe, LA, us
Rough Diamond Rebels
  Murrieta, CA, us
Swansea City Roller Derby
  Swansea, Wales, gb
Baja Roller Derby
  Baja, mx
Rhein-Neckar Delta Quads
  Mannheim, de
Anchor City Rollers
  Halifax, Nova Scotia, ca
Beach Cities Roller Derby
  Long Beach, CA, us
Roller Derby Iceland
  Hafnarfjörður, is
Druid City Derby
  Tuscaloosa, AL, us
Faultline Derby Devilz
  Hollister, CA, us
Liverpool Roller Birds
  Liverpool, England, gb
Rebellion Roller Derby
  Milton Keynes, England, gb
Durham Region Roller Derby
  - Whitby, ON , ca
Garden Island Renegade Rollerz
  - Kauai Island, HI, us
Kent Roller Derby
  Herne Bay, Kent, gb
Pile O’Bones Derby Club
  Regina, SK, ca
Storm City Roller Derby
  Vancouver, WA, us
Tempestad Roller Derby
  Montevideo, uy
Manchester Roller Derby
  Manchester, gb
Norfolk Roller Derby
  Norwich, Great Britain, gb
Portsmouth Roller Wenches
  Portsmouth, England, gb
Roller Derby Toulouse
  Toulouse, fr
Swamp City Roller Derby
  Palmerston North, nz
Wiltshire Roller Derby
  Swindon, gb
Auver’Niaks Roller Derby
  Clermont-Ferrand, fr
Hard Breaking Dolls
  Prague, cz
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