This policy explains how the WFTDA uses personal data provided by, or received in respect of members of the WFTDA. Privacy practices are consistently under review as laws change in all the territories that the WFTDA has membership, and this policy may be amended from time-to-time. This version is dated below.

This policy applies to all WFTDA individual members, including officials and any other persons signed up as a member of the WFTDA.

This policy applies to the WFTDA collection, use and storage of your personal data.  Other non-WFTDA roller derby organizations and WFTDA member leagues are also likely to collect and use your personal data outside of what you provide to the WFTDA and you should also refer to their respective privacy policies to understand how each of those organizations collect and use your personal data.

Data Collected

The personal data we collect is collected for specific purposes which are relevant to those specific purposes. Personal data is any data about you that you can be identified by. It does not include data where your identity has been removed, such as data which has been aggregated and/or anonymized. It will be kept up to date based on the information which is provided and not kept longer than necessary.

The following is data we collect and keep for as long as is relevant to its purpose(s):

  • Information you provide to WFTDA through registrations as a member, including the information your representative(s) may provide on your behalf on registrations forms, insurance registration, resume, and contracts you sign;
  • Information in any identification documentation you provide to confirm identity and eligibility;
  • Information you provide when you enroll in programs, certification, and training initiatives, and other events WFTDA puts on;
  • Information you provide to register for WFTDA digital platforms and/or services WFTDA provides;
  • Your photo and other media recordings;
  • Information you submit when completing forms and surveys issued by WFTDA;
  • Details of incidents and/or allegations of suspected abuse of or unacceptable behavior towards anyone in accordance with our Code of Conduct, and details of how such incidents and allegations are resolved;
  • Your contact details, such as email address, and any emergency contact details;
  • Your personal history in regards to tournament, bouting and event participation, including officiating (if you are an official).
  • For officials:  reviews or feedback of your history and involvement may also be collected and stored. This information may come from you as well as any person or organization you have officiated for, or with; or upon review of recordings involving you and your officiating; Certification and training history;
  • Insurance information;
  • Any other personal information you share with us, including by way of email, phone, or interview.
  • Any other administrative and statistical tasks required to discharge the WFTDA’s function as a governing, regulatory, and organizing body of roller derby, and which may be used to preserve the history of roller derby and WFTDA events and tournaments.

Occasionally the WFTDA may collect data through applications and/or surveys on racial or ethnic origin, religious or philosophical beliefs, sexual orientations, and information about health and genetic and biometric data. This information is gathered voluntarily, you are not required to submit this information. This data will not be kept longer than necessary to achieve what it is gathered for, and shall be automatically deleted once the information is no longer needed. The purpose this information is gathered shall be disclosed at the time it is requested.

How Your Data is Used

Generally, personal data is collected and kept to service your account as a member with the WFTDA, to keep in contact with you to inform you of current events happening within the WFTDA, and to determine your identity and eligibility for participation. Most of the personal data is provided by you or your representative through your account. If there are any records of misconduct, that data will be collected for purposes of making determinations on your eligibility to remain a member of the WFTDA.

For officials: additional data collected may include collection of data concerning your performance as an official, your personal conduct with leagues you are involved with, and may include decisions regarding staffing of historically underrepresented groups in officiating.

Your personal data may also be used if the WFTDA needs to comply with a legal obligation, or to protect someone in an emergency situation. We will also collect social media and criminal offense data if it is publicly accessible, or provided to WFTDA, for assessing whether violations of the WFTDA Code of Conduct have occurred.

How Your Data is Shared

In order to effectively function as a governing body of roller derby and administer our relationship with you and your role, we may share elements of your personal data with other individuals and organizations. This includes other governing bodies of roller derby which are not the WFTDA, such as, but not limited to, non-affiliated leagues, the Junior Roller Derby Association, and the Men’s Roller Derby Association and with WFTDI for administering insurance coverage when purchased.

As a matter of policy, except where you are expressly informed otherwise, we do not sell or share any of your personal information unless required by law or for the protection of your membership. However, WFTDA may share profile information and aggregate usage information in a non-personally identifiable manner to advertisers and other third parties in order to present to members more targeted advertising, products and services. In such situations we will never disclose information that will be used to personally identify you.

The WFTDA is a company based in the United States and the data is collected and retained in the United States. The data collected comes directly from you, your representative, or directly from individuals or organizations you have been involved with, to the WFTDA. The data may be collected and/or stored through the WFTDA website, platforms, or third party websites such as Google, which has its own privacy policy which will also apply to the data submitted. This data may then be accessed by volunteers authorized by WFTDA to process and analyze the personal data that has been provided from the categories of collected data. These WFTDA volunteers may be in locations outside of the United States.

For officials: If eligible and certified to officiate, your name will appear on the certification roster, which is a publicly available roster.

In cases of allegations of misconduct, your data may be used to investigate the allegation, which may include sharing your data with relevant persons or organizations, to determine if a breach of the WFTDA Code of Conduct has occurred. If you have been removed from the WFTDA for disciplinary reasons, that information may be shared with organizations or persons requesting for you to be added to their organization or for your officiating duties, whichever applies to you.

How Long Your Data is Kept

The WFTDA is a volunteer-run organization and therefore is dependent on the efforts of volunteers to keep data current and to remove data when requested. To determine the appropriate retention period for personal data, we consider the amount, nature, and sensitivity of the personal data, the potential risk of harm from unauthorized use or disclosure of your personal data, the purposes for which we process your personal data and whether we can achieve those purposes through other means, and finally, the applicable legal requirements.

Your data is kept so long as you are an active member, volunteer, or official with the WFTDA. Also, any tournaments, games, bouts, broadcasts, events, etc. in which you appear, your name which you appear under shall remain for historical purposes of documenting the sport of roller derby. Also, any additional contracts made for appearance in broadcasts or events, shall govern use of your name in those recordings and materials.

Allegations of misconduct are kept indefinitely to protect the WFTDA and its member leagues and affiliates, and may be used to address historical allegations in the future.

Should you no longer want WFTDA to retain your data, and you have no allegations of misconduct or discipline, you will automatically be contacted on a yearly basis if you have not logged into your account to check if you want to remain a member. Staff maintaining membership will audit leagues to ensure that individual membership in member leagues is up to date. Should you not respond or if you remain inactive, you will be removed from any league you are currently affiliated with and remain in the WFTDA system for one year. If there has been no activity on your account, WFTDA will attempt to contact you based on the contact information in the system to let you know that you will be removed from the system. If you do not want to rely on this process, you can also request your personal data be removed and a volunteer will process your request.

Upon request or as a result of your inactivity, your personal data, other than your name and skate name will be securely deleted, destroyed, or anonymized. Your name and skate name and any agreements you have agreed to with the WFTDA (such as, but not limited to, grants of rights to broadcast you in events and injury waivers)  shall be kept forever but solely for archival purposes in documenting the history of the sport of roller derby, to maintain legal permissions for publishing WFTDA content that you have appeared in, and to assert any legal rights in regards to your waivers. No contact information or other personal information shall be kept after your request to delete unless necessary for a lawful purpose relevant to you specifically.

For officials: If you request full deletion of your data, you must wait two years prior to requesting to re-enter the certification system, if you decide to return. A record of your request will be kept for those two years and then be completely removed from our database. As above, your name and skate name will be kept indefinitely as part of the historical record of the sport of roller derby.

If you have any accusations of misconduct or discipline, and you make a request to delete your personal data, all contact information shall be removed with the exception of your legal name, skate name and date of birth. WFTDA maintains this information for the safety of the WFTDA community in informing leagues of individuals who may have been suspended or banned from being part of the WFTDA community. This information shall be kept for as long as the length of the discipline or monitoring that is needed, or indefinitely in the case of a ban from the WFTDA.

Any data you request to be removed which cannot be removed, we will notify you of the data which cannot be removed, and the legal justification.

Your Rights to Your Personal Data

You may request what personal data the WFTDA has collected about you. Subject to certain data originating with third parties that require confidentiality, such as in regards to allegations of misconduct, the WFTDA shall provide a copy of that data. You have direct access to changing any data that is incorrect through your own account. You may request your data be erased, subject to the data retention policy above. You may withdraw consent to use of any data which required your consent to use. WFTDA may request additional identification to verify any of your requests as part of keeping your personal data secure.

You have a right to correct your information at any time and have access to that information to correct through your account. Should you have gone inactive, and the legal name that remains archived in our system is no longer your legal name, and you wish to have that information corrected, you may contact us at and we will prepare an addendum to your contracts (if there are contracts in our system) for you to sign and will correct that information on your behalf.

Any questions about this privacy policy or requests regarding your personal data can be sent to with “privacy policy” in the subject line.

Our mailing address is:

5900 Balcones Dr., Ste 4125
Austin, TX 78731

For WFTDA Members in the European Union and United Kingdom: 

WFTDA has appointed DataRep as its Data Protection Representative for the purposes of GDPR in the EU/EEA and the Data Protection Act 2018 (as amended) in the UK. If you are a WFTDA member in the EU/EEU/UK you are entitled to exercise your rights under the GDPR with respect to your personal data. More details on your rights can be found here or the national Data Protection Authority in your country. Generally, all privacy requests can be handled by contacting You also have the right to contact a data rep in your own country. If you prefer to contact DataRep in your home country or otherwise exercise your rights in regards to your personal data, you may do so by:

  • Sending an email to DataRep at Please be sure to put “Women’s Flat Track Derby Association.” in the subject line.
  • Contact DataRep via online webform at, or
  • Sending via regular mail to DataRep at the most convenient address listed here.

Please note when sending inquiries via regular mail, you must mark the letters “DataRep”, NOT WFTDA or else it will not be received. Refer to Women’s Flat Track Derby Association in your correspondence only, not in the address label. On receipt of any request, identification may be requested to ensure that the personal data and information connected to you is not provided to anyone other than you.

For any concerns about how DataRep will handle your personal data it needs to provide services, DataRep has its own privacy policy at


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March 3, 2022

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