MSR Training Curriculum Developer

Attention: Coaches, Educators, and Trainers

The Women’s Flat Track Derby Association (WFTDA) seeks coaches or trainers and roller derby experts to help create a new skating and educational curriculum.


The Women’s Flat Track Derby Association (WFTDA) is the international governing body of the sport of roller derby. As a global organization, the WFTDA is committed to creating safe and inclusive standards in order to compete in WFTDA competitive pathways. As a requirement to skate in a WFTDA sanctioned-game, a skater needs to have passed the Minimum Skill Requirements (MSRs). Originally these MSRs were intended to be a set of guidelines for ensuring that skaters on Charter teams were safe for inter-league play, however, more and more (WFTDA and non-WFTDA) leagues are using these MSRs as the baseline for all bouting skaters in their leagues and for new skaters to graduate from their beginner’s course.

The WFTDA acknowledges that these established standards are now being used to test all skaters – no matter their involvement or competition with WFTDA, as they create an understanding of “safety” or readiness. However, in line with how the game evolved, the original intentions of the Minimum Skill Requirements (MSRs) need to be adapted. The WFTDA wants to make sure that going forward, the MSRs are not going to be a barrier for new skaters to join and stay in roller derby.

Suggested Scope of Work

WFTDA Education wants to create a new and holistic beginner curriculum as an introduction to our sport and into our community, its values, and philosophies. Next to skating skills, this new curriculum is also supposed to help leagues educate on rules, safety, game parameters, and cultural competence to create safe spaces and maintain people long term.

The WFTDA seeks to hire a coach/an expert from the community who can take on the current restructuring of the MSRs, manage the process based on Membership feedback and task force input, and to create and deliver educational materials (like coaching guides, etc.).

Primary Work Product Objectives

  • Adjust the Minimum Skill Requirements and the Assessment Companion to meet current needs, and possible future alignments – making sure there is a smooth transition from juniors to adult skaters and from no contact to full contact.
  • Add adjustments and modifications for physical impairments to make the MSRs more inclusive and adaptable for different people and scenarios etc.
  • Provide a solution and recommendations for Skating Officials, NSOs and volunteers, so everyone can train together as much as possible.
  • Research and implement new areas with a focus on rules and game understanding, injury prevention, values, and cultural competence. The expert does not have to create materials for topics outside of skating and training, such as cultural competence, as the WFTDA will hire a separate expert for this position.

The work requires close collaboration with the MSR task force and the following WFTDA committees: Skating Education, Diversity & Inclusion, Risk Management, Rules, and Officiating Education. The contractor will report to the WFTDA Senior Education Programs Manager.

The contractor will provide the WFTDA with the ability to fully maintain and modify, using in-house resources, any and all courseware and training materials developed under the contract after the project is completed. The WFTDA will provide compensation for the services of the contractor for roughly 100 hours of development and delivery, over the next 3-6 months.

Qualifications and Application

The WFTDA is seeking qualified individuals that have demonstrated experience in the areas and concepts outlined. The individual should have experience in delivering training and coaching to a diverse audience, as well as familiarity with amateur sports, women’s sports, roller derby specifically, or other relevant experience of similar scope. Special consideration will be given to members of traditionally marginalized groups.

Interested candidates please send your qualifications with the subject line “MSR Curriculum Developer” by April 26 to, and include the following information:

  • About You: Tell us who you are and why you want to share your expertise with us. Please include a statement with your desired compensation.
  • About Your Coaching: Please provide an overview of your experiences and qualifications in coaching, training, consulting, etc. in roller derby or other sports; what target groups you usually train; and if you have a specific approach.

References and training samples may be requested.

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