2017 D2 Championships Game 25: Dublin vs. Paris

Paris Rollergirls (#3) vs. Dublin Roller Derby (#16)

The winning streak of Dublin Roller Derby of Dublin, Ireland (#16, WFTDA #58), was put to an end in the third semifinal game of the 2017 International WFTDA Division 2 Playoffs and Championships Pittsburgh when Paris Rollergirls of Paris, France (#3, WFTDA #43) took a decisive win, 259–152.

The two teams are no strangers, having previously met on the track five times, with Paris barely edging Dublin out with a 3–2 record.

Paris dominated the first 10 minutes of the game, as jammers General Moulinator, Kurdy Malloy and Bully Bunker took lead, keeping Dublin at bay and barely eking by, 51–16. However, Dublin’s Dashing Trudy Snow turned the tides, grabbing lead for the first time for the Irish team and slightly closing the point gap to 53–24.

A solid 15-point jam from Paris’s General Moulinator would widen that gap, despite Dublin’s Bloody Harry managing eight answering points. Paris continued its lead jammer run for the next three jams, including another explosive 13–point run by General Moulinator, despite a track cut penalty, with 13 minutes left in the first half.

Dublin’s Thea attempted to play catch up, as she earned lead jammer status and ran the pack to the tune of eight points. However, Paris’s Kurdy Malloy took advantage of the long jam, earning four points herself, bringing the score to 91–43. For the last six minutes of the game, both teams jockeyed lead jammer status, with strong defensive tripod walls on both teams often lead by Paris’s Sam’u and Miss Gadin and Dublin’s Malibruise Stacy and Stabba. The final jam of the first half really saw Paris dominate, with Kurdy Malloy earning a whopping 23 points and blockers Rose Hyène, Sam’u, Nasty, and Sally Broyeur holding Dublin’s Dashing Trudy Snow for nearly a minute before barely earning four points, closing out 131–71 in Paris’s favor.

2017 D2 Playoffs Game 25: Paris vs Dublin
Photo by Steve Jurkovic

The second half saw an exciting turnaround for Dublin, with Manija, Thea and Dashing Trudy Snow grabbing consecutive leads and earning a total of 28 points. Paris wasn’t to be counted out, however, answering those points with 19 of their own, bringing the score to 150–99, with a little more than 20 minutes left of game time. General Moulinator continued her huge scoring streak — and ended Dublin’s lead jammer streak — with an incredible 26-point jam. A star pass to Dublin’s Stabba attempted to stop the bleeding, but Dublin was clearly shaken up and not able to play effective offense.

Paris continued to rack up huge scoring passes with lead jammers Kurdy Malloy, General Moulinator and Bully Bunker earning a total of 38 points over the next three jams, bringing the score to 214–110, with about 15 minutes left in the second half. At this point, both teams had racked up a considerable amount of penalties — Dublin sitting on 36 with blocker Chancleta fouling out and Paris with 35.

A track cut on Paris’s Kurdy Malloy allowed Dublin’s Brewdoll E. Lowcock to earn 14 points and start a four-jam lead jammer streak for the Irish team that would add 31 points to Dublin’s score, 223–144, still in Paris’s favor.

A foul out by Paris’s Nasty wouldn’t stop the French team’s momentum, as they took lead jammer three more times, bringing the score to 259–147. The final jam saw no lead jammer and a track cut by General Moulinator. Despite some fancy footwork by Dublin’s Dashing Trudy Snow, the Irish team was only able to put five more points on the board, bringing Paris to a resounding victory, 259–152.

Paris will move on to take on Boston in the championship game tonight at 8 p.m. EDT. Dublin takes on Naptown for the third place medal at 6 p.m. EDT.


Paris Rollergirls (#3, WFTDA #43) 259
Dublin Roller Derby (#16, WFTDA #58) 152

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