2017 D2 Playoffs Game 12:
Middlesbrough vs. E-ville

Middlesbrough Roller Derby (#6) vs. E-Ville Roller Derby (#15)

In Game 12 of the 2017 International WFTDA Division 2 Playoffs Pittsburgh, the final game of the day, E-Ville Roller Derby (#15) of Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, upset Middlesbrough Roller Derby of Middlesbrough, England, U.K., (#6) in a consolation game, with a final score of 199-191.

The opponents matched points early on in the game, with Middlesbrough pulling away with a 14-point jam for Gemma Peregrine, Middlesbrough’s top-scoring jammer for the game. E-Ville quickly caught up with a big 18-point jam for jammer Shaina Pain, followed by another successful jam that brought E-Ville into a lead that the Canadians would sustain for the remainder of the game. Strong blocking and big hits from E-Ville’s TRON and Razz also helped slow down Middlesbrough and prevent the team from catching up.

2017 D2 Playoffs Game 12: Middlesbrough vs. E-Ville
Steve Jurkovic

A big 24-4 jam for E-Ville’s Shania Pain halfway through the first half boosted the team’s lead to 79-43. Not to be outdone, Middlesbrough began closing up the gap with a 25-0 jam for Peregrine with 10 minutes left in the half, bringing the U.K. team to within a mere six points of E-Ville. Aided by Middlesbrough pivot and standout blocker, Terri Sudron, on a power jam, Smiling Assassin was able to bring her team to within one point of E-Ville. However, an unfortunate set of penalties for U.K. jammer Ella Storey allowed E-Ville jammer D Mented to score 18 unmatched points, aided by her blockers’ sweeping offense through the pack. Middlesbrough further suffered from blocker penalties during power jams, contributing to the team falling behind and a halftime score of 123-93 in E-Ville’s favor.

In a turn of good fortune for Middlesbrough, the team started the second half with a power jam and was able to close up the score to 127-115 early on in the period. A failed apex jump for Middlesbrough’s Peregrine gave E-Ville another power jam, but the U.K. team’s Gunpowder Dot was able to minimize the damage with some excellent solo blocking on E-Ville’s jammer.

2017 D2 Playoffs Game 12: Middlesbrough vs. E-Ville
Raymond F. Durkin

A power jam for Middlesbrough at the midway point of the period opened up an opportunity to close in on E-Ville, but the team was unable to capitalize, stymied by E-Ville’s strong pack work and big hits from Tuf Luv. With three minutes left in the game, E-ville had a surmountable lead over Middlesbrough, 189-174. A power jam for the U.K. team’s Peregrine as the game wound down to its conclusion sent roaring cheers through the venue, but she was sent to the penalty box. Middlesbrough blockers Lolly, Public Emily, Gunpowder Dot, and Terri Sudron answered back with excellent blocking, holding E-Ville’s jammer to only eight points. With smart game clock management, E-Ville’s jammer called the final jam before Middlesbrough could earn enough points to take back the lead, concluding the game with a close score of 199-191 in favor of E-Ville.

Middlesbrough finishes the weekend 0-2, but made a strong first impression on WFTDA fans in the team’s premiere appearance at a WFTDA International Playoff tournament.

E-Ville will play tomorrow at 6:30 p.m. in Game 20 against the winner of Bear City Roller Derby (#14) of Berlin, Germany, vs. the Pirate City Rollers (#10) of Auckland, New Zealand.


E-Ville Roller Derby (Seed #15, WFTDA #57) 199
Middlesbrough Roller Derby (Seed #6, WFTDA #46) 191