2017 D2 Playoffs Game 15:
Ohio vs. Treasure Valley

Ohio Roller Derby (seed #8) vs. Treasure Valley Roller Derby (seed #13)

Track 1 continued to roll at Day 2 of the 2017 International WFTDA D2 Playoffs in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, U.S. as Game 15 saw a match between the Ohio Roller Derby All-Stars of Columbus, Ohio, U.S. (seed #8) and the Treasure Valley Roller Derby All-Stars of Boise, Idaho, U.S. (seed #13). Both teams had losses the previous day: Ohio was upset by No Coast Roller Derby (#9), and Treasure Valley lost to Jet City (#4). Each team was looking for a win and a chance to stay in tournament play, but Ohio used their high-scoring jammers to nearly double-up on the Treasure Valley All-Stars.

For the first 15 minutes of play, the scoreboard was a back-and-forth, tightly contested show of sportspersonship. While Treasure Valley managed the first double-digit jam — 14 in the first jam of the game — Ohio struck back in the following five jams to take a slim lead over the Idaho skaters. The slim margin of penalties between teams was also of note around the middle of the first period; Ohio had 12 box trips, while Treasure Valley had only 10. The marginal advantage of track time was negated, however, by Ohio’s dominate showing on the track; their jammers took lead jammer status 12 of 19 jams. Treasure Valley’s blockers, led by Raggedy Ann-ihilation, failed to transition effectively from defensive to offensive blocking, while Ohio blockers continued to lay hit after hit on Idaho jammers. Neither team used a timeout during the half.

2017 D2 Playoffs Game 15: Ohio vs. Treasure Valley
Joe Mac Photography

The half ended with Ohio blanking Treasure Valley 10 out of the period’s final 12 jams; Idaho skaters scored only 13 points in those jams to Ohio’s 56. Ohio went into halftime with a more-than-double lead over Treasure Valley, 97-44.

The long jammer recycling and even longer jams — many lasting the full two minutes — went decidedly in Ohio’s favor during the second half. Treasure Valley mounted a comeback against Ohio, consistently going on scoring runs and showing substantial progress from the multiple shutout jams in the first period. The mounted comeback wasn’t enough, though, as Ohio rallied despite four jammer penalties to answer Treasure Valley’s attempts at leveling the score. The Ohio blockers, led by Lora Wayman, managed to substantially disrupt the Treasure Valley jammers Ella Snofury and Cherry effBomb. Ohio jammer Pain Train and Val Holla used strong physicality to lead Ohio jammers in scoring. Ohio used a timeout — the only one used during the game — in the final 16 seconds of play to pull off one more jam, and Val Holla was able to put up eight points to seal the win and advancement in consolation play. Ohio won 220 to Treasure Valley’s 113.

Ohio moves on to play in Game 19 at 6:00 p.m. against Oklahoma Victory Dolls (#5). After having lost two in this double-elimination tournament, Treasure Valley Roller Derby All-Stars end their run.


Ohio Roller Derby (seed #8) 220
Treasure Valley (seed #13) 113