2017 D2 Playoffs Game 19:
Oklahoma vs. Ohio

Oklahoma Victory Dolls (#5) vs. Ohio Roller Derby (#8)

The Oklahoma Victory Dolls of Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, USA (seed #5) took a commanding lead early in the game against Ohio Roller Derby All-Stars of Columbus, Ohio, USA (seed #8) on their way to a 182-164 victory at the 2017 International WFTDA Division 2 Playoffs Pittsburgh.

Oklahoma got out to a 19-0 lead by the end of Jam 2. They continued to hold a steady lead for the next several jams — Val Holla scored 10 points for Ohio on a power jam in Jam 3, but otherwise, Ohio jammers were held largely scoreless or to just a few points a jam.

That all changed when Pain Train went on a power jam for Ohio in Jam 9. She quickly scored 10 while Oklahoma’s Trigger Trixie sat in the box. Trigger Trixie scored a quick lap upon her release from the box, but a back block earned her another penalty and she was sent off the track again. By the end of the jam Pain Train and her offensive blockers were able to bring the score up to a smaller margin of 39-26 in Oklahoma’s favor. Val Holla then helped to decrease Ohio’s deficit when she scored a quick four points and called it off in the following jam.

Oklahoma’s strong defensive walls and quick jammers were able to help bump their lead back up in the next few jams. A power jam for Oklahoma’s Lethal Lamb gave her 10 more points to bring Oklahoma’s lead up to 53-34 in Jam 13.

A power start for Pain Train in Jam 15 helped Ohio catch up to a closer range again, bringing the score to 53-46. Another power start for Pain Train in Jam 21 proved to be even more beneficial for the team when she tore through the pack for a quick lead jammer status and then a five-point scoring pass. Emma C. Hammer was released from the box but incurred a high block penalty, giving Pain Train another power jam. She tore through the pack for a few more grand slams and a lead change to end the half 78-69 in Ohio’s favor.

2017 D2 Playoffs Game 19: Oklahoma vs. Ohio
Joe Mac Photography

An exciting second half followed as Oklahoma came out ready to fight to regain their lead. Ohio was able to increase their score early on in the half, but a power start for Trigger Trixie in Jam 8 led to another 15 points for Oklahoma to bring the score to 120-111.

Lethal Lamb had a powerful jam for Oklahoma in Jam 11 as Ohio’s Val Holla was locked down tight by Shear Illusion, E-BOMB and Brittani Betch to bring the game to a tie, 122-122.

Several lead changes followed. Oklahoma took the first lead after the tie in Jam 13 when Lil Shanksta outscored Gorges Curves 3-2 for a 123-122 lead for Oklahoma. Pain Train took the lead back in Jam 15 at a score of 135-131. Trigger Trixie had a successful Jam 19 and brought Oklahoma ahead again, 157-155.

The Victory Dolls retained their lead for the rest of the game. Trigger Trixie was able to extend Oklahoma’s lead with just a few minutes left in the game when she had a power jam against just two Ohio blockers and brought the score to 175-155. Emma C. Hammer followed with an Oklahoma power start that increased their lead to 179-155.

In the final jam of the game, Trigger Trixie came out at as lead for Oklahoma, but Pain Train quickly passed her and scored first in the jam. She was able to make another lap, but Trigger Trixie called the jam off with 28 seconds left on the game clock. With Ohio out of time outs, the game ended with an Oklahoma victory, 182-164.


Oklahoma Victory Dolls (seed #5, WFTDA #45) 182
Ohio Roller Derby (seed #8, WFTDA #48) 164