2017 D2 Playoffs Game 7:
Jet City vs. Treasure Valley

Jet City Rollergirls (#4) vs. Treasure Valley Roller Derby (#13)

Game 7 of the 2017 International WFTDA Division 2 Playoffs Pittsburgh featured the Jet City Rollergirls (#4) of Everett, Washington, pitted against a familiar rival, Treasure Valley Roller Derby (#13) of Boise, Idaho. The two teams had already played twice in 2017, with each taking away a win.

The first several jams featured stifling defense from both teams, but Jet City managed to gain the upper hand, taking five consecutive lead jam calls and sprinting out to a 23-0 lead. The momentum swung in Treasure Valley’s direction, however, when Jet City’s jammer was sent to the penalty box for a cutting the track penalty. While Jet City put up a determined penalty kill, the advantage seemed to bolster Treasure Valley.

In the next jam, Dawn of the Shred put Treasure Valley on the board with 7 points. A string of lead jam calls and more points for Treasure Valley followed, including a 7-0 jame by team captain Sinishter Kate. After Jet City’s lead dwindled to just 5 points at 25-20, their fortune turned when Treasure Valley’s jammer went to the box on a back block call. Jet City’s Illah SmashYa took advantage of the opportunity, putting up 15 points to Ella Snofury’s 8. From there, Jet City went on a determined run, opening up a 40 point lead at 71-31 with 9 minutes left in the half.

With just over 6 minutes remaining, Treasure Valley’s Dawn of the Shred gained an increasingly-harder-to-come-by lead jam call, but was called on a cut track penalty while executing an acrobatic move in which she placed one hand down out of bounds while keeping the rest of her body inside the track. The penalty was waved off by the outside pack ref, but the miscue allowed Jet City to score.

Throughout the first half, Jet City used their consistently strong blocking to take control, utilizing a back wall tripod of blockers to hold the opposing jammer while their remaining blocker played offense. At halftime, Jet City had soared out to a 60 point lead at 113-53.

The second half opened with a lead jam call for Treasure Valley’s Ella Snofury, but she quickly called the jam to prevent Ivana Hercha from scoring, and came away with just one point. In the next several jams, Jet City continued to press, putting up a number of double-digit scoring runs and screaming ahead to an 80 point lead with 20 minutes left in the game. With 16:23 remaining, Treasure Valley’s fortunes suffered further when their captain, Sinishter Kate was expelled for an egregious back block.

Eva Derci dropped a decisive 21-0 jam for Jet City with just over 10 minutes remaining, but was called on a back block as the jam ended. On a power start, Treasure Valley was thwarted by strong individual blocking from Jet City and unable to obtain lead. Coming out of the penalty box, Eva took 4 more points and then called the jam. However, in the next jam Treasure Valley was able to convert another power jam for 10 points, cutting their deficit to an even 100 points with 7:59 remaining. Over the remaining jams, the teams traded lead jam statuses, but Jet City was able to further bolster their lead as time wound down. When the final whistle blew, Jet City had achieved a statement win at 220-115.

Jet City moves on to play Naptown Roller Derby on Saturday at 10 a.m. Eastern Time in Game 13. Treasure Valley will play Ohio Roller Derby in Game 15 on Saturday at 12 p.m. Eastern Time.


Jet City Rollergirls (Seed #4, WFTDA #44) 220
Treasure Valley Roller Derby (Seed #13, WFTDA #54) 115