2018 Championships New Orleans Game 1: Crime City vs. Montréal

Crime City Rollers (A Coruña #2, WFTDA #10) vs. Montréal Roller Derby (Atlanta #3, WFTDA #8)

Crime City Rollers 180

Montréal Roller Derby 184

Last year the Crime City Rollers of Malmö, Sweden took a heart wrenching loss to Montréal Roller Derby of Montréal, Canada at the 2017 WFTDA International Championships in Philadelphia, Pa. In the opening game of the 2018 WFTDA International Championships in New Orleans, La., they were out for revenge. Redemption, however, would not be had for the Swedish team, with Montréal taking the win 184-180, having trailed for over 50 minutes of the game.

Crime clinched their spot in New Orleans in a late-game win against Angel City Roller Derby at the 2018 WFTDA International Playoffs in A Coruña, Spain in September. Montréal Roller Derby’s New Skids on the Block, in turn, came to Champs as a third seed after a poorly-timed call off in the last jam against the New Jax City Rollers cost them the second place opportunity at the 2018 WFTDA International Playoffs in Atlanta, Georgia.


The game started with Montréal taking a pair of lead jammer statuses but running long jams, which allowed both teams to score points. After five minutes, Crime City, who has had several slow starts this post-season, looked warmer and took the lead. Crime continued to grow their lead with hard hits by the likes of Dykestalker, Bricken and Sexual Her Ass-meant that sent bodies flying — creating many a derby pile up on the track and gasps, oohs, and aahs from the crowd. With less than 15 minutes left in the game, the Swedes were up 142-100.

2018 International WFTDA Championships Game 1 - Crime City vs Montréal
Gif by Chainsaw

With phenomenal line jumps and bounding toe stop work, Falcon Punch and Kaio-kensi closed this gap, and with less than 10 minutes left, Miracle Whips took the lead for the team in neon as the Skids’ blocking ilk of Biggley Smallz, Mange Moi El Cul and Surgical Strike smothered Crime City jammer, King K.

2018 International WFTDA Championships Game 1 - Crime City vs Montréal
Gif by Chainsaw

The final jam started with a minute left on the clock and Crime City trailing by eight points. Falcon Punch took lead but Curly Håår was out quick behind her. As the Crime City blockers threw their bodies at Falcon Punch to try and keep her from tiptoeing up the boundary lines, Curly Håår managed to skate circles around the Montréal blockers. The period clock hit zero just as Curly Håår was coming up a fourth scoring pass and Falcon Punch called the jam just in time for Montréal to take the win, 184-180.

2018 International WFTDA Championships Game 1- Crime City vs Montreal
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Montréal will play the Rose City Rollers of Portland Oregon at 6 p.m. CST tonight in their quest for the Hydra. Crime City will try and do better tomorrow at noon CST against either Jacksonville Roller Derby or Angel City Derby.

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