2016 D2 Playoffs Lansing Game 14: Cincinnati (#4) vs Sac City (#2)

The 7th place game of 2016 International WFTDA Division 2 Playoffs Lansing saw two high seeds, second seed Sac City Capitol Punishers of Sacramento, California, and the fourth seed Cincinnati Black Sheep of Cincinnati, Ohio, playing for a modicum of redemption. Sac City can leave the tournament with their heads held high after taking seventh place and the game, 220-174.

The start of the first half looked like Sac City would run away with it, leading 14-0 after two jams. However, the third jam saw jammer trouble for Sac City with Nail Her Swift going to the box on a track cut. Cincinnati would take the lead with 17 points put up in that jam by Royal T. This was the first of five leads for Cincinnati as they increased their score 42-18 with ten minutes spent in the game. Sac City would not roll over, though, and the next two jams were won 30-9 by the Californians, closing the gap to 3 points before Cincinnati ran away with it again. Although there were bright moments from the likes of Sac City’s Addy Kontrol and Nail Her Swift, Cincinnati managed to maintain a steady lead, going into the half 109-94.

Sac City looked like a different team in the second half. Relief jammer and 100 percent lead-getter Red TornadHo started on the jammer line for Sac City and put up 9 of her 25 points in her second of three jams for the team. In the third jam, Anomie of the State, playing with a fractured rib, put up 30 points for the Californians while Royal T was destroyed by Sac City’s defensive duo, Purdy Grrl and H.N. Icy, taking the lead again 137-109 against Cincinnati. Sac City would keep the lead for the rest of the game while the Cincinnati jamming trio of Wheezy, Royal T, and Jas Hubbard paid several visits to the penalty box. Although each of the Cincinnati jammers would see a multiple-scoring-pass jam, they were unable to match the 24-0 and 10-0 jams of Nail Her Swift. Ultimately, Sac City would end the game 220-174 to finish seventh place in the tournament.


Cincinnati Rollergirls (#4) 174 (8th Place)
Sac City Rollers (#2) 220 (7th Place)