2016 D1 Playoffs Montréal Game 15: Dallas (#5) vs Boston (#6)

In Game 15 of the Montreal D1 playoffs saw Dallas Derby Devils take on Boston Roller Derby. This game determined the fifth and six place slots of the tournament.

The game started slowly, with only six points a piece up on the board at the end of the fourth jam after Dallas’ Bayleigh Wheat forced Hardcore to call it off. In jams 5 and 6, Dallas’ Bazooka and Anita Riot scored a combined 25 points, shutting Boston out.

However, Boston brought back the fight and Wednesday’s Atoms and Rainbow Crash set up a solid defense against Dallas’ Jett, giving up only a single point.

Jam 15 was a slow jam, and lead wasn’t awarded until turn three when Boston jammer Hardcore finally got free.

Boston’s jammers were getting out of the pack hot on the heels of Dallas’ jammers, forcing them to call it quick after the first scoring passes. As the period went on, both teams fortified their walls and gained more control of their game.

Jam 21 started in favor of Dallas, with Anita Riot on the line with a power start. But their fortunes soon flipped as Anita Riot headed to the box.

The period ended after an offensive play from Boston’s Caitlin Monaghan freed Flyin’ King on the scoring pass.

Game 15 Dallas vs Boston
Duane Baker

At halftime, Dallas held the lead 99-38.

Dallas continued strong in the second period, taking lead jammer 18 times in 24 jams.

Maya Mangleyou was Boston’s only jammer to break through first until jam 10.

The Texans finished strong with two power starts that allowed them to keep Boston jammers churning in the pack as long as possible.

Despite the loss, Boston was pleased with its performance in the tournament.

“The team is really proud at how far away we came,” said Sweet Enemy.


Dallas Derby Devils (#5) 245 5th Place
Boston Roller Derby (#6) 79 6th Place