2016 D1 Playoffs Columbia Game 16: Jacksonville (#2) vs Atlanta (#4)

The third place game is notoriously the closest, most exciting, and most intense game of a tournament weekend and this game at the 2016 International WFTDA Division 1 Playoffs Columbia was absolutely no exception. The #2 seed Jacksonville RollerGirls New Jax City Rollers from Jacksonville, FL, USA had fallen to Denver on Saturday, and this was their last chance to secure a spot to the 2016 International WFTDA Championships in Portland. Meanwhile, #4 seed Atlanta RollerGirls Dirty South Derby Girls from Atlanta, GA, USA were hungry to make it back to Championships after being ousted for the last two seasons. But it was not to be, as the first two jams came back to haunt Atlanta, and Jacksonville takes the win 170-131.

Atlanta started off on the wrong foot as Afro Dykee is boxed on a cut call and then a subsequent forearm. New Jax’s Jamsterella takes full advantage of the double power jam and lets the jam run the full two minutes, scoring 24 points. Jax’s Krispy Kreme-Her adds 14 more to bring the score to 38-0. Snot Rocket Science takes lead for Jax and big hits by Legs R Us and Kat Von prevent Atlanta’s Merchant of Menace from escaping the pack, adding 5 more to the scoreboard for New Jax, which read 43-0 after the first three jams.

Atlanta subsequently called their first timeout with 24:07 remaining in the half, looking to regroup and finding success. Although Trouble MakeHer does not attain lead jammer status, Jamsterella chooses to run the jam long, resulting in a 4-4 push with Atlanta finally on the scoreboard.

Slams McKenzie gets Atlanta’s first lead and a power jam, as Krispy Kreme-Her is boxed on a forearm penalty. She earns 13 points and calls off the jam to keep the power jam going. Afro Dykee starts the power jam unopposed but slips, allowing Krispy to burst free and grab lead.

Game 16: Jacksonville RollerGirls (#2) vs Atlanta Rollergirls (#4)
Louis Keiner

Menace then goes to work while ATL blockers hold Jamsterella, resulting in 17 more points to Atlanta. New Jax calls for their first timeout with 18 minutes remaining in the half and leading 51-34.

The timeout seems to refocus Jacksonville, as blocker Stephanie Gentz recycles Slams McKenzie mercilessly, allowing a quick 5 points by Krispy. Dykee was then boxed on her 3rd penalty of the game, gaining Jamsterella another 14 points — but the tides are about to turn.

Atlanta takes the next 6 leads in a row, dwindling the score gap to 91-57. Snot finally breaks the ATL lead streak with a 5-point run. Dykee retorts with an 8-point power jam when Krispy is boxed on a track cut penalty, bringing the score to 96-65 in favor of New Jax at halftime.

Atlanta looks like a brand new team as they return to play, winning multiple lead calls and chipping away at the score gap. Menace tips the scales, and a lead change is achieved with a score of 97-98, New Jax scoring only a single point over the course of eight jams. Alternating jammer penalties are reflected as the lead changes hands several times. Slams puts up a huge 16-point jam resulting in a score of 108-121, the biggest lead Atlanta attains.

Krispy comes out hungry and grabs lead, but the jam is called off for an injured Jax blocker who had fallen over the Atlanta jammer. Trouble MakeHer is boxed for the low block penalty, and Jamsterella starts a power jam and the New Jax comeback.

Game 16: Jacksonville RollerGirls (#2) vs Atlanta Rollergirls (#4)
Louis Keiner

Three consecutive lead jams for Jax including two power jams, push their score up 37 points. Krispy is boxed for a high block; however, which results in back-to-back Official Reviews. First, New Jax requests that the penalty be reversed, which was denied. Atlanta requested that the penalty be upgraded to an expulsion, which was also denied, gameplay then continuing after 7 minutes of stoppage.

Slams and Krispy both started the next jam in the penalty box, but ATL obtained lead and a quick 6 points, stifling the Floridians. Jamsterella was subsequently sent off the track for a charging penalty, leaving Trouble MakeHer on a power jam, but the blocking core of New Jax locked her down for the duration of the penalty and only Jamsterella is able to score, putting up another 7 points.

Atlanta called a quick timeout, but Snot followed up with 13 solid points for Jacksonville. Another ATL timeout was called with a 39-point deficit, reminiscent of the 38-0 score following the first two jams of the game, and time for only one more jam remained on the clock.

Slams McKenzie is penalized on a forearm in the final jam, and Atlanta’s dreams of Portland are dashed with New Jax taking lead, the bronze, and the win, as they advance to the 2016 International WFTDA Championships.


Jacksonville RollerGirls (#2) 170
Atlanta Rollergirls (#4) 131