2016 D1 Playoffs Vancouver Game 4: Angel City (#2) vs Sacred City (#7)

It was a Golden State battle for game 4 of the 2016 International WFTDA Division 1 Playoffs Vancouver as the Angel City Derby Girls of Los Angeles, California, squared off against the Sacred City Derby Girls of Sacramento, California. Angel left the track with a substantial victory, besting Sac City 602 to 45.

Angel took a commanding lead early on when Sac City jammer Lil Beez Kneez was sent to the box in jam 2 for a track cut, allowing Ghetto Fabu-lez to quickly score 20 unanswered points for Angel to bring them to a 28 to 0 lead.

Points added up quickly for Angel City as they took lead jammer for 16 out of 17 jams in the first half. Another track cut on Sac City in jam 5 made way for Satan’s Little Helper to dominate the track on behalf of Angel City, scoring 28 points to bring the lead to 64 to 0, with half the points of the game scored by Satan’s Little Helper.

A little more than 12 minutes into the game, Angel City broke the 100 point mark as Darby Dagger racked up 22 points in jam 8, creating a 111 to 0 score. A low block to Satan’s Little Helper in jam 9 allowed Sac City a power start in the next jam, where The 4closer got the first lead jam of the game for Sac City and put points on the board for the team.

By the end of the first half, Angel City was up 266 to 14, with The 4closer and Rose Villain the only skaters to score for Sacred.

Game 4: Angel City Derby Girls (#2) vs Sacred City Derby Girls (#7)
Keith Bielat

Thanks to relentless offense by Angel City, jammers broke right through Sacred City’s walls all evening. Angel quickly broke 300 points in the second jam of the second half.

The 4closer earned the first lead jam without a power start of the day for Sacred in jam 10. Despite Noodles quickly getting out and lapping points for Angel, The 4closer remained determined to add more points to board. It wasn’t until Laci Knight smashed her out of bounds that she chose to call off the jam. Angel City outscored Sac City 23 points to 8, bringing the game to 446 to 45. This would be the last time Sac would score for the rest of the game.

Points added up rapidly for Angel to end the bout. Darby Dagger scored 42 points in jam 14 to break the 500 mark. Just a few minutes later Ghetto Fabu-lez would bring the team over 600 in jam 16. She quickly called it off after the game clock ran down, leaving a final score of 602 to 45.

Angel City will play the Rat City Roller Girls (#3) on Saturday at 6 p.m. These teams last faced off in May when Rat City took home the W. Sacred City will need to wait to see who they play on Saturday at 4 p.m. — it will be whoever wins the 10 a.m. matchup between the Queen City Roller Girls (#9) and the Naptown Roller Girls (#6).


Angel City Derby Girls (#2) 602
Sacred City Derby Girls (#7) 45