Media and Photo Credentials Now Open for 2017 Tournaments

The WFTDA has opened Media and Photo credentials for the 2017 Tournament season.

For 2017, the WFTDA has re-vamped the photography positions at the 2017 International WFTDA Playoffs and Championships and has added a new role for contract photographers for each event. This year’s tournaments will also include a new complimentary ticket option for photographers supporting a participating team.

There will be three to six contract roles available at each event, as outlined in the photographer’s section of the credentials page. We are now accepting applications via email for photographers who wish to apply for these paid, contract positions. The WFTDA Marketing and Photography departments will review applications immediately and will contact selected contract photographers by August 4, 2017.

Each contract photographer will receive $400 USD for their work at tournaments and will provide the WFTDA photos for use during the tournaments and post-event. The photographers will rotate coverage with 2-3 photographers covering each game.

In general, the WFTDA will be looking for the contract photographers to provide the following:

  • Game Shots: At least 10 pictures per game you are scheduled to shoot
  • Dailies: Any other shots that are requested for same-day use, such as on social media or to support local media requests
  • Within a week: Gameplay photos, vendor photos, cheer photos or anything else from the WFTDA shot list (We assume at least 25-150/day from all other photos from the event)
    • Approximate total photos for the three-day event: 60 game shots, 60 dailies, 200 others = 320 photos ((This number is approximate and can be discussed with the contractors)

For all details on how to apply please review the Photography section of the credentials page.

In addition to the contract photography role, the WFTDA is also opening one Team Photographer spot per participating team at Playoffs.

Team Photographers will be provided with a complimentary ticket through the Participating Team for the event. It will be the responsibility of the Participating Team to provide one name and one email address for their Team Photographer who will be using their complimentary ticket. Teams may decide whether they would like to bring a photographer to the event, but no more than one photographer will be admitted per team.

For more details on the contract opportunities, how to apply and the team photography opportunities please click here.