Officiating, Risk Management and Games Policy Documents Released

The WFTDA has released the following policies and guidelines with updated requirements for officiating, risk management, and gameplay associated with The Rules of Flat Track Roller Derby.: All policies, guidelines and procedural documents live on the member resource site found at

Officiating Standards

WFTDA Officiating Procedures for The Rules of Flat Track Roller Derby

For use in all WFTDA-sanctioned games starting on April 15, 2017.

This document incorporates current officiating practices from the WFTDA Officiating Standard Practices and any practices removed from The Rules of Flat Track Roller Derby 2017 edition. This document is a part of the WFTDA Officiating Manual that will be released in June 2017 with the system of hand signals, verbal cues and penalty codes. The WFTDA Officiating Standard Practices document remains in use until that date for any practices not appearing in this document.

WFTDA Officiating Uniform Policy

The WFTDA Officials Dress Code has been updated and re-named the WFTDA Officiating Uniform Policy. This policy is recommended for all play under The Rules of Flat Track Roller Derby and will be followed for all WFTDA Playoffs and Championships tournaments.

Gameplay Policies

WFTDA Sanctioning Policy

For use in all WFTDA-sanctioned games starting on April 15, 2017.

This document contains the following updates:

  • Updated definitions for regulation and sanctioned play.
  • Charter policies have been moved to the WFTDA Charter Policy for ease of reading.
  • Requirements moved from The Rules of Flat Track Roller Derby and updated if indicated:
    • Track boundary requirements (reduced boundary track height)
    • Bench staff allowances (increased to 4 with a minimum of 2)
    • Roster requirements (same maximum of 14)
    • Helmet cover requirements
    • Officiating staffing requirements (staffing linked to functions and score/timing/penalty requirements per The Rules)
  • Added requirement for a Games Tournament Oversight (GTO) and identified Safety Director for all sanctioned tournaments.
  • Changed number of games required to use the Tournament Sanctioning Application to 3 games submitted for sanctioning in the event. (New application is coming soon.)
  • Added additional instructions for IGRF submissions.

Note for Officials: In order to prevent disruption to the 2017 WFTDA Playoffs staffing process, please follow the instructions for classifying games as written in the WFTDA Official’s Game History document. A new Games History document updated with these new definitions will be released on July 1, 2017.

WFTDA Charter Roster Policy

This document has been split from the WFTDA Sanctioning Policy for ease of use. There are no substantive changes to charter roster policies with this revision. However, the requirement that game rosters include 14 skaters has been moved from The Rules to this policy and is in effect for all WFTDA-sanctioned games.

Safety & Insurance

WFTDA Risk Management Guidelines

This document has been in effect upon renewal of 2017 insurance and should be followed for events immediately.

The WFTDA Safety Protocol has been updated and renamed the WFTDA Risk Management Guidelines. This document includes the following changes:

  • New concussion protocol
  • New jewelry and fingernails requirements
  • Injured and impaired Skater requirements, which were removed fromThe Rules
  • Appendices with medical kit requirements, job descriptions, return to play sample policies and an emergency action plan template.

This document is required for all US-based events for leagues who hold WFTDA Insurance and all leagues who hold reciprocal insurance. This document is recommended for all WFTDA-sanctioned play and will be followed for all WFTDA Playoffs and Championships tournaments (as appropriate for Europe).

For these and more WFTDA policies, guidelines and procedural documents, please visit the member resource site found at