S1 Lifer Helmet with Visor – Legal for Gameplay

Recently the WFTDA Risk Management committee posted internally on the WFTDA forum about the possible impact of two small screws related to the new S1 LIFER HELMET W/ VISOR (GEN 2).

The post incorrectly stated a caution or safety hazard with the helmet, however, this helmet is legal for all gameplay.

This post has since been deleted.

As always, S-One is committed to user safety and as such, their products undergo rigorous safety testing. They are continually improving their products and work closely with the WFTDA on all safety guidelines.

WFTDA Risk Management exists to help skaters, officials and volunteers practice safe participation in roller derby, and part of this is reviewing the types of gear available on the market to educate consumers.

The WFTDA is very proud of our partnership with S-One and their continued commitment to our sport and our values. We appreciate their support of our skaters, our community and their diligence in protecting anyone who wears their product.

We apologize for any confusion or misunderstandings our internal post caused.

For more information on the WFTDA: WFTDA.com

For more information on S-One, their Lifer Helmets or their gear: S1Helmets.com

S1 Helmet Co. Gen 2 Lifer Visor Helmet from s-one helmet co / s1helmets on Vimeo.