2016 Playoffs Seeding Info

Who Plays Where?

The WFTDA uses S-curve seeding to set the brackets for its Division 1 and 2 Playoffs. So, how are each of those brackets assigned to a Playoff location? The WFTDA will consider proximity for teams and their fans when matching a bracket to a location.

  • If a hosting league qualifies for Playoffs, the bracket they are seeded into will be matched with their location.
  • Absent a host league, WFTDA’s tournament team will calculate the concentration of teams via driving distance and/or median flight cost for all teams in a bracket for each tournament location. Preference will be given to the location with the lowest overall average cost per team.

Exceptional circumstances:

  • Multiple host leagues seeding into the same bracket: If two Playoff hosts are seeded into the same bracket, the lower-seeded team will swap places with another team seeded into the same bracket spot. For example, teams ranked 9 to 12 are all seeded into the #3 spot in their respective brackets. The team that would gain the most geographic advantage is given preference for the swap.
  • At the discretion of WFTDA Games Oversight, an exception can be made for league with a demonstrated, exceptionally large and dedicated fan base in close proximity to one of the Playoff locations.
  • Prior to tournament seeding, leagues may inform WFTDA Games Oversight of any financial or other hardship associated with travel to a particular Playoffs location. This information may be taken into account when assigning brackets. Teams that are equally seeded may be moved to a different bracket to accommodate requests.

Division 1 and 2 Playoffs brackets for each location will be announced in mid-July.

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