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Arizona Roller Derby

  Phoenix, AZ, United States of America


Rollin’ hot in AZ since 2003! Arizona Roller Derby was there when the WFTDA was created and we embrace the evolution of the game. Based in Phoenix, Arizona, our league features the Tent City Terrors, named for the jail system in Maricopa County that requires inmates to wear old school black and white stripes and pink underwear. We have eight teams in all: three national travel teams including the TCTs, the Phoenix Rising and the Chain Gang; three state level teams that compete again our sisters in Flagstaff, Prescott and Tucson–the Bad News Beaters, the Skate Riot Project and the Surly Gurlies; and two league level teams–the Brawlarinas and the Gaudylupes. We toughen up our gals by holding practices in an un-airconditioned warehouse in south Phoenix and love getting to skate almost anywhere during the summer months and love having visitors during the so-called winter months (it’s in the 70’s, seriously, come visit!).

Images of Arizona Roller Derby:

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