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Terminal City Roller Derby Association

  Vancouver, BC, Canada

The Terminal City Rollergirls are Vancouver’s first female roller derby league. Created in January 2006, our league is composed of local women who have discovered a new way to combine athleticism and creativity. The Terminal City Rollergirls have a dream, and it’s a big one! Their mission is threefold: to provide live, athletic entertainment that features strong, sassy and smart Vancouver women; to improve each member’s individual athletic ability, self-discipline and character; and to improve the community as a whole. Since 2006, the Terminal City Rollergirls league has grown exponentially. What started out as a meeting over nachos with a handful of women has grown to a membership of over 60. We have four full teams, dozens of Fresh Meat rookies in training every year, the TCRG Authority Figures (our fabulous referees), an indispensable group of support volunteers and the best fans in the world. Terminal City Rollergirls has blossomed into a major force in the world of amateur sports in British Columbia. TCRG is a 100% player-owned and operated league. TCRG is a non-profit organization. This means each and every TCRG event has been conceived, orchestrated, and run exclusively by our members. The league is made up of a diverse group of women including everything from nurses to construction workers, graphic designers, television producers, teachers, stay-at-home moms, Downtown Eastside outreach workers, dental assistants, PhD students and aspiring rock stars. Dipping into this talent pool allows TCRG to operate as a successful and dynamic organization.

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