2017 D2 Championships Game 23: Boston vs. Naptown

Boston Roller Derby (#7) vs. Naptown Roller Derby (#12)

Boston Roller Derby’s Boston Massacre of Boston, Massachusetts, U.S. and Naptown Roller Derby’s Tornado Sirens of Indianapolis, Indiana, U.S. met in the first semifinal game of the 2017 International WFTDA Division 2 Playoffs Pittsburgh where Boston dominated the track and moves on to play in the Championship game.

Boston’s Maya Mangelyou grabbed the first points of the game in the first jam. Maiden America finally slipped through Boston’s defense in the second jam and grabbed four points for Naptown. Janelle Ellison took full advantage of the first jammer penalty of the game when Darth Blue headed to the box and Janelle collected 15 points for Boston. Darth Blue headed quickly back to the box for a second penalty and Boston attempted to take advantage of their power start but Naptown’s defense held tight to K. McLean and Darth Blue powered out of the box and through the pack to grab lead jam and 9 points. In the next jam Nuck L. Sammie earned the last points Naptown earned for the majority of the first period.

From jam 6 through jam 17 Boston locked down Naptown’s jammers and they racked up points, leaving Naptown scoreless for 11 jams. By the time Naptown was able to earn lead jam and put points up the score was 107-16 in Boston’s favor.

2017 D2 Playoffs Game 23: Naptown vs Boston
Photo by Steve Jurkovic

Darth Blue grabbed 18 points in that jam and Boston’s Betty Swoop hit the box in the single Boston jammer penalty of the period. It was much needed infusion into Naptown’s offense but although Maiden America earned lead and put up 9 points in the final jam of the period, Boston’s Janelle Ellison put up 8 and the teams went into the half at 128-43.

An 85 point gap is not insurmountable when there is 30 minutes left in a game, but it is very difficult without an extreme change and Naptown wasn’t able to produce one — but they sure worked hard for it.

Naptown was able to get their jammer penalties under control and only caught three (compared to six in the first period) but Boston only had one jammer penalty in each period.

Naptown came out hard in the second period and Maiden America made it through the pack to earn lead jammer status in the first jam. She put up 10 points while the Naptown defense held Janelle Ellison unusually scoreless. But shortly thereafter, Naptown’s Nuck L. Sammie hit the box in back-to-back penalties and Boston took full advantage them putting up 28 points.

Overall, Boston’s defense was strong with three blockers and they were almost always able to send their fourth out to play offense.  Their offense was effective and quite often it was Little Loca who blasted through Naptown’s defense to get her jammer through.


Boston Roller Derby  (Seed #7, WFTDA #47) 262
Naptown Roller Derby (Seed #12, WFTDA #53) 86

Boston heads to the Championship game to take on the winner of Paris Rollergirls vs. Dublin Roller Derby in the first place game and Naptown will face off against the loser of that in the third-place game.

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