Rules 2017: Errata, New Format for Rules Corrections, and Single-Page View of Rules and Casebook for Printing


The WFTDA Rules Committee has issued an errata to remove an example in Section 4.2.3 of The Rules of Flat Track Roller Derby as it introduced unintended and adverse consequences to the interpretation of related rules.

The errata removes this example: “For example, if a team with legal means to stop the period clock (specifically, Team Timeouts or Official Reviews remaining) commits an action that results in the period clock stopping, they should be presumed to have used legal means to do so (and thus would not be penalized).”

In the new web format of The Rules of Flat Track Roller Derby, corrections will be made in the published content so that the displayed rules are the most current version. Changes will be indicated with a footnote reference at the end of the corrected section of the rules.


Errata 1


The correction made as well as the date and reason for the correction will be listed at the end of the rules section and users may jump directly to the errata listing by clicking on the footnote number.


Errata 2


In addition, a link to a new single-page view of The Rules of Flat Track Roller Derby for printing has been added to for ease of printing until the e-publication format of The Rules is available. To return to the regular view after printing, type in the address bar to re-set the site.