2017 WFTDA Championships Announcers Selected

The Women’s Flat Track Derby Association is pleased to reveal the announcers selected for the 2017 International WFTDA Championships, taking place November 3-5 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. This year’s team includes announcers from each of the 2017 D1 Playoffs, who together represent a total of four nations.

At the beginning of the season, Mr Whistler took over as the Chair of the Talent Management Committee when Sasha “Kim Deal With It” Morrigan stepped down after serving three years in the role. According to Whistler, this year saw an unprecedented number of announcers apply for the pool — nearly 90 — and with the 2017 Playoff structure featuring fewer tournaments than in recent years, selections were highly competitive.

“We saw several talented announcers make their WFTDA Playoff debuts this season, and I’ve been quite proud of our announcers’ performances and dedication to this sport and this community,” he explained. “Working behind the scenes with our Tournament Head Announcers and Chief Media Officer Double H has been an exciting and rewarding experience as we continue to raise the bar and bring Playoffs to our members and fans.”

As in past years, broadcast will feature dedicated pairings throughout the weekend with announcers in assigned color and play-by-play roles. This year’s Champs will see an expansion of the social media host role and continued work of the SIC to bring stats packages to the announcers and, via the marketing team, to Tournament Central. But one of the most exciting new additions to the WFTDA broadcast this year is the return of roller derby to network television, thanks to the WFTDA’s first-ever collaboration with ESPN2, which was announced live during the Champs seeding, following the Dallas Playoffs.

“I’m thrilled with the group that is joining me in Philly, and I hope everyone else will be too,” says Whistler. “This team is composed of people staffed at each Playoff location this season — including Malmö, the first-ever WFTDA Playoff outside North America — and features both Champs veterans and eight people making their Champs debuts in various roles. I’m lucky to call these people colleagues and can’t wait for November.”

2017 WFTDA Championships Announcers

Tournament Head Announcer: Mr Whistler

Broadcast: Adam “AK” Kenyon, Biertrix, Double H, Lightning Slim, Scarlet O’Hurtya, Shady Hawkins, Wilhelm Scream

Broadcast Producers: Amy Jo Moore, Justice Feelgood Marshall, Val Kyria

Broadcast Sideline Reporters: Hammer Abby, Sissy Splaysek

Public Address: Biff Mixalot, Chloé Gwendoline, Electra Blu, Gretchen, Tom Foolery, Vince Hannity

Emcees: Raucous Ron, The King

Social Media Hosts: Allie Gator, Andrew Marron, Plastik Patrik, Sexy Beast