WFTDA Announces 2017 International Championships Officials

The WFTDA is pleased to announce the skating Referees, Non-Skating Officials, Games Tournament Oversight officers (GTOs), Rinxter/Game Stats Manager and Risk Management representatives for the 2017 International WFTDA Championships taking place November 3-5 at the Liacouras Center in Philadelphia, PA, USA.

WFTDA Championships Officials are selected through a review of applicants’ experience and qualifications and performance in 2017 Playoffs in order to staff Championships with the most highly trained and experienced Officials. GTOs manage sanctioning, provide Games policy and procedure oversight and support teams with competitive needs throughout the tournament and are chosen through an application process. Rinxter Managers manage the game statistics and provide on-site games data support to the tournament. The Risk Management representatives oversee safety and medical procedures.

Tournament Head Referee: Umpire Strikes Back

Tournament Head Non-Skating Official: Nine Inch Wheels

Games Tournament Oversight officers (GTO): Pretty Reckless and Brawl Stanley

Rinxter Manager: Jon Obst

Risk Management representatives: Rolli Cannoli

Skating Officials

Crew A
IPR Collin DeShotz
JR Davie Darko
JR PhDiva
OPR Major Wood
OPR Interrobang Yerdehd
OPR William Maullace
Alt Darth Bling
Crew B
Loren Order
JR Duke Skellington
JR Patricide
OPR Oh Grr
OPR Harm N Killabrew
OPR Izzy Demented
Alt Don Scoreleone
Crew C
Wernher Von Bombed
IPR Jesse Jackass
JR Seer Sin
JR Kat A Killzem
OPR Rollbar
OPR Wonder Zebra
OPR Freddy Mercury Poisoning
Alt Julius Seizure


Non-Skating Officials

Crew D
PT Darby O’Kill
PW TaraByte
JT Danger Muffin
SK GalVatron
SK sHellcat
SO Kill C. Grammar
PBM Silken Tofu
PBT Snarkimedes
PBT Allyaz Stoned
LT UltraViolent Blu
LT geoknitter
LS Sho’Nuff
Alt Chanel No. Die
Crew E
Doc Skinner
PT Stabby McNeedles
PW Doc Skinner
JT Iceman
SK Torquemama
SK Adam Smasher
SO Reed d’Rulz
PBM Bert Hert
PBT Tenacious D Cup
PBT John Brawls
LT Switzerland
LT Sweetie Pi
LS TrogDora the Jaminator
Alt Amelia Dareheart
Crew F
Screama Donna
PT Doc Psycho
PW Screama Donna
JT Sod Off
SK Wishbone Breaker
SK Stella by Starlight
SO Rabid Derby Fan
PBM Wizard of Laws
PBT Chiro Fracture
PBT Scotchy Scotch Scott
LT Mortricia
LT Hoodie
LS Mask Her Raid
Alt Rex Blocker

Congratulations to those who were selected!

You can still get your tickets to the 2017 International WFTDA Championships live in Philly, November 3-5 at the Liacouras Center. Or if you’re joining us from home, you can get your watch passes here!