2018 Playoffs A Coruña Game 10: Detroit vs. Sailor City

Detroit Roller Derby (Seed #12, WFTDA #34) vs. Sailor City Rollers (Seed #10, WFTDA #28)

Detroit Roller Derby224

Sailor City Rollers 223

In the nail biting, one-point battle of Game 10, Detroit Roller Derby of Detroit, Michigan, U.S. beat out the Sailor City Rollers of Buenos Aires, Argentina in the consolation bracket of the 2018 International WFTDA Playoffs A Coruña. As the Seed #12 team, Detroit eked out a 224-223 upset against the Seed #10, Sailor City, in a game that was anything but predictable.

A rare eight-penalty foul-out by Sailor City’s Francesa. Twenty-three overall jammer penalties. An 80-point, come-from-behind challenge by Sailor City in the second half. A game won by Detroit on the fourth whistle of the final jam. Game 10 was an exhibition of ferocity and persistence on the part of both teams that kept the crowd (and the jammers) on their toes.

2018 International WFTDA Playoffs: A Coruña Game 10 Detroit vs Sailor City
Marko Niemelä Photography

After a quick lead out of the gate by Sailor City, Detroit was able to capitalize on Sailor’s penalty heavy play, utilizing aggressive offense and instant recycling to dominate the second half of the first period. Despite a strong and dynamic tripod defense, and a handful of well-executed star passes, Sailor City was still facing a daunting 145-65 score at the half, with 31 penalties keeping them at bay.

2018 International WFTDA Playoffs: A Coruña Game 10 Detroit vs Sailor City
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Sailor City returned in the second period with a new energy; their tripods spanned and cycled across the track fluidly, and their jammers and offense began to break up Detroit’s solid defense. Consecutive penalties on Detroit’s jammers helped allow Sailor City to rapidly erase the point deficit, and halfway through the second period, Sailor City took back the lead.

2018 International WFTDA Playoffs: A Coruña Game 10 Detroit vs Sailor City
Gif by @DavefaceFMS

What followed was a suspenseful sequence of quick call-offs, with Detroit slowly building back points until a big jam by Racer McChaseHer brought them ahead.

The final jam of the game decided it all: Sailor City’s Finishit earned lead jammer status and was in control of the score, but called off the jam just as Detroit’s Jilleanne Rookard swung around on the outside line for three points, and the win.

Detroit Roller Derby finishes the WFTDA postseason with a win and an upset, but not without a valiant challenge from the Sailor City Rollers.

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