2019 Championships Game 8: Denver v Angel City

Denver Roller Derby (Seattle #1) v Angel City Derby (Winston-Salem #1)

Denver Roller Derby205

Angel City Derby 116

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Physicality! That marked this game between Denver Roller Derby of Denver, Colorado, U.S. (Seattle Playoffs #1, WFTDA #4) and Angel City Derby of Los Angeles, California, U.S. (Winston-Salem Playoffs #1, WFTDA #6). From the very beginning of the game, both teams came to play, both having been bumped out of medal contention after losses during Friday’s games.


Denver’s 205-116 victory was by a closer margin than the last time these teams met in June 2019, when the Mile High Club won by 126 points. Denver has now won the last four meetings between the two teams.

In this 2019 International WFTDA Championships Montréal consolation game, penalties were high for Angel City’s Hollywood Scarlets going into halftime, where they had 20 penalties to Denver Mile High Club’s seven. Hoosier Daddy, one of Angel City’s primary jammers, was in early danger with penalties but still put up 18 points for the team.

Heading into halftime, Denver had the lead over Angel City 110-56. But every point was earned as in Jam 9, Scald Eagle took advantage of a power jam as Hoosier Daddy was assessed a track cut penalty. Scald Eagle scored 23 points in that jam while the announcers said she was doing “that Scald Eagle stuff”—referring to toeing the line, hopping past blockers into a different zone just to keep going.

After the half, Angel City went to work quickly, taking advantage of some jammer penalties against Denver. Darby Dagger had a great game in which she was able to put up 45 points due to some of her amazing blockers, Death Down Under, Psycho, and Soledad. They seemed to make spaces just wide enough for Darby Dagger, Rachel Rotten and other jammers to get through, while also aggravating the Mile High Club.

Denver vs Angel City in Game 8 of the 2019 International WFTDA Championships
Photo: Ryan Quick

In Jam 4 in the second half, Wilhelm took a needed assist off Blackman, which was a bit of a “Hail Mary” and allowed her to throw up four points and a quick call off with Rachel Rotten fast on her heels.

CrackHer Jack and Tui Lyon helped Rachel Rotten earn 40 points for Angel City. But when it came down to it, there were a lot of unanswered penalties. The Hollywood Scarlets by game’s end earned 47 and the Mile High Club earned just 24.

The penultimate jam of the game saw the highest amount of points scored in this physical battle of Angel City and Denver. Scald Eagle, always impressive, put up 28 points. She did that “Scald Eagle stuff” the announcers referenced having jumped apexes, skating the diamond with a speed that seemed supersonic, cutting through Angel City’s blockers and really, just having fun.

The crowd, no matter which team they hoped would win, could not help but cheer for Scald Eagle, who scored a game high 103 points. Klein also put up 54 points, Andee also consistently earned lead jam status and added to the exclamation point of the game.

Hammer Abby in the postgame interview spoke with Scald Eagle. She asked about the physicality of this game. Scald Eagle laughed a little and said, “Yes, it was very physical. It may look as though the hits are shaken off, but I will feel every hit tomorrow. I feel every bit of it now.”

Denver vs Angel City in Game 8 of the 2019 International WFTDA Championships
Photo: Ryan Quick

Hammer Abby asked about the need for re-calibration after Friday’s loss to Arch Rival Roller Derby of St. Louis, Missouri, U.S. (Seed #4, WFTDA #5). Scald Eagle replied, “The pressure was let off a little bit because we could just be ourselves and not try to be something that we’re not. We weren’t in medal contention so we did not have that compulsion to be something else. We were 100 percent us. We’re not quite disappointed in what happened with Arch because it was a good game. And we look forward to watching them play again.”

Lastly, Scald Eagle was asked about Lady Trample, her wife and Denver teammate, missing the tournament and being unable to receive a temporary travel visa because she is not a professional athlete, but an amateur athlete. She was missed by the entire team, but Scald Eagle said, “I’ve been talking with her constantly. She’s been here with us.”

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