2016 D2 Playoffs Wichita Game 6: Brandywine (#4) vs Kansas City (#5)

The Brandywine Roller Girls Belligerents of Downingtown, PA, USA (seed #4, WFTDA #47) nearly doubled the score of their opponent, the Kansas City Roller Warriors All-Stars of Kansas City, MO, USA (seed #5, WFTDA #50) on Friday in Game 6 of the 2016 International WFTDA Division 2 Playoffs Wichita. Brandywine won, 223-112.

Buenos D. A$$ said “buenos noches” to Kansas City, putting up a game-high 92 points and securing lead jammer status 73 percent of the time. In a very physical game she only picked up one penalty.

“Buenos is amazing. She’s very strong, very clean, and people underestimate her. She’s intelligent and she looks for good opportunities,” Brandywine’s Koach Hot Wheels said.

Brandywine took an early lead, and the only time Kansas City got close was in jam six, when they were within a single point. But Buenos D. A$$ put up a quick eight points on a power jam and the Belligerents began to pull away for good.

Brandywine’s defense was led by KickAsh, who seems to specialize in soul crushes — recycling a jammer nearly half a lap back. She did it twice in one first-half jam to the Kansas City jammer, while her own jammer Raggedy Aneurysm was busy putting up 17 points. That was part of a 54-10 run by the Belligerents.

“They have aggressive jammers, but they’re patient. They wait for offense,” Kansas City blocker Rump Wrecker said.

That offense was often provided by Brandywine blockers Rapid ArrhythMIA, ThumpHer, Ballerinka, and Slamshine Allie. Kansas City’s defense was led by Enigma, Foxxi Brown, Bit, and Mayhem Myers.

Despite the 85-52 halftime lead, the Pennsylvania team struggled with penalties in the first half, including six by their jammers. Overall, the teams combined for 63 penalty minutes, with three players flirting with penalty ejection.

Kansas City was able to start the second half strong, with a power jam in which Lady Killshot quickly put up 10 points two jams later, but Buenos D. A$$’s 19-point power jam helped Brandywine surge ahead.

The trio of Brandywine jammers continued their attack through the second half, taking advantage of back-to-back power jams late in the game. In addition to Buenos, Raggedy Aneurysm had 76 points in the game and Lurz Lemon put up 56. Lurz went into the second half with five penalties, but pulled back a bit and didn’t foul out of the game.

Kansas City made the many fans who traveled to see them happy by giving the jammer star to top blocker Enigma at the end of the bout. She put up 24 points in the final jam, pushing her team over the 100-point mark.

“She’s always our go-to, last-ditch-effort player,” Rump Wrecker said of Enigma.

Top scorers for Kansas City were JessiKaboom and Enigma with 25, Xcelerator with 24, and Lady Killshot with 21.

Next: Brandywine advances to face the top seed Jet City Rollergirls in Game 9 at 2 p.m. Saturday. Kansas City moves to the consolation bracket and will play the Carolina Rollergirls (#10) in Game 8 at noon on Saturday.


Brandywine Roller Derby (#4) 223
Kansas City Roller Warriors (#5) 112