Officiating Applications Now Open for 2024 WFTDA Postseason 

Applications for Officials who wish to officiate the 2024 WFTDA Regional Championships are now open.

The Regional Championship for each region will take place in May or June 2024. The Global Championship will take place November 1-3, 2024 in Portland, Oregon, USA, and applications for that tournament will open later this year. For information on the postseason tournament locations and dates read our latest news here.

The eligibility requirements for Tournament Officials have been updated for 2024:

  • Eligibility will be determined from the date applications close.
  • Sanctioned and/or regulation games in the last 24 months are considered for eligibility.
  • Please note, applications require the most recent version of the Officiating History.
  • Certification is not required for 2024 applications.
  • Regional Tournaments are limited to one.
  • Officials within the region will be given preferential consideration.

Information on the selection process and job descriptions can be found in the WFTDA TOSP Policies and Procedures document.

Applications for Tournament Head Officials are due March 1, 2024:

Tournament Head Officials Information and Application

Applications for Tournament Officials are due March 17, 2024:

Tournament Officials Information and Application