The Roller Derby World Summit is a biennial conference bringing together skaters, officials, and league leadership to network, advocate for their league interests and point of view, gain resources from WFTDA and other leagues, and further their engagement with WFTDA. In the “on” year of the Roller Derby World Summit, the WFTDA will host a four day “in person” event for WFTDA Membership and the broader roller derby community.  From Thursday to Sunday, two days will be dedicated to WFTDA Membership only and two days dedicated to the sport at large, placing WFTDA member leagues in the room as leaders.


Thursday and Friday will be WFTDA internal discussions and planning with league representatives focusing on the organization’s mission fulfillment.  Representatives from National Governing Bodies (NGBs) will be invited to provide global perspectives through panel discussions for our membership to be better informed, while allowing NGBs an insight into the priorities of the sport.  Sunday will also feature a re-cap session for all member leagues only.

Saturday and Sunday will feature keynote presentations and be open to leagues outside of WFTDA Membership.  This provides space for non-members to add their voice, be heard, inform WFTDA Membership directly, and provide the rest of the roller derby community direct access to the governing body.

Apply to be a Speaker!

The Women’s Flat Track Roller Derby Association is proud to announce a request for presentations for the upcoming 2019 Roller Derby World Summit. Held biennially, the Roller Derby World Summit brings together the global roller derby community for a multiple day event that features education, updates, training, and more. In order to bring the best and most innovative training and development programs to the RDWS.

Check out the list of suggested topics and apply now!

Registration Fees

Registration fees will be:

  • $50 for each WFTDA Member League Representative (up to 2), $25 for each additional League Member
  • $75 for non-members (up to 2), $35 for each additional non-member from the same league
  • $50 Independent/Unaffiliated Officials


The goal is to encourage the maximum number of leagues to participate and ease the financial burden of participation for leagues with consideration to economic and currency restrictions.

In order to ensure this is not unnecessarily cost prohibitive, leagues can apply for the fee to waived by emailing the WFTDA Board of Directors directly at  Fee waivers are reserved for leagues outside of North America.

Volunteer Recognition

The most amazing aspect of the WFTDA is the hard work and dedication of our volunteers and volunteer leadership to our sport and this organization. Annual meetings of the past always allowed the WFTDA to honor our volunteers and provided opportunities for our volunteer leadership to meet in person. (Sometimes for the first time!) The 2019 RDWS will provide the WFTDA Board and Staff an opportunity for volunteer recognition, to thank the volunteers who donate their time and skills to the WFTDA.

Stay Informed!

Location, registration, and schedules will be posted here as it becomes available. Keep your eyes on WFTDA social media and the WFTDA Member forum for updates.

We look forward to seeing you there!

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