2020 International WFTDA Playoffs & Championships

Hosting Resource Package

Last Updated: March 2019

Thank you for your interest in hosting a 2020 WFTDA tournament! The WFTDA is looking for vibrant cities across the globe to host our International WFTDA Playoffs and Championships tournaments. To assist you in the bidding process, we have compiled these resource materials.

This site contains the following sections to assist you in learning more about preparing a bid to host WFTDA Playoffs or Championships:

  • 2020 WFTDA Tournament Bid Application Procedure
  • 2020 WFTDA Tournament Responsibility Assignments
  • 2020 WFTDA Tournament Venue Requirements

In addition, the following documents may assist you in understanding our requirements and the application process:

The documents required for submission are as follows:

  • Online application (1 per venue)
  • Photos of venue
  • Links to host league sponsorship package and other media (ie. bout posters)

Your complete hosting bid will be submitted via the online application form found here.

You are encouraged to consider submitting a bid with more than one venue option. The Tournament Venue Requirements below will provide a very detailed explanation of the ideal tournament facility and amenities. We do not expect a venue to meet every requirement.

The WFTDA is dedicated to creating an inclusive environment for everyone, and our Playoffs and Championship events are inclusive of these values. We will not tolerate sexism, racism, transphobia or homophobia, and our events will work continuously to combat the effects of discrimination in our communities. Please read through our Tournament Code of Conduct and our WFTDA Events Standards and Values in Action.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to email bids@wftda.com. Completed applications are due by Friday, June 28, 2019 by 11:59 pm EDT.

Please note: Although the resource information is listed in U.S. currency and metrics, we are looking for non-U.S. bids. Please be sure to note in the venue budget area what currency the totals are in.

Suzy Slam
WFTDA Tournaments Manager

2020 WFTDA Tournament Bid Application Procedure

Bid Application Submission

All bid applications are due to the WFTDA Tournament Director on Friday, June 28, 2019 by 11:59 pm EDT via online application form. A bid application may have more than one Venue Proposal and a separate online application form must be filled out separately for each venue. Supplemental documentation such as city information, venue documentation and/or league details should all be included via the online application form.

Submission by the June 28th deadline will enable your organization to be considered as a potential tournament host. If no bid applications are received for one of the tournament’s, hosts will be solicited directly or on the WFTDA Forum.

Selection Process

All bids submitted by the June 28th deadline will be presented to key WFTDA staff, the Tournament Selection Panel and the Board of Directors for review. Discernment period will be from June-September and winning bid applicants will be notified late September 2019.

If you have questions about any of the venue requirements or this application, please feel free to email bids@wftda.com.

2019 WFTDA Playoffs and Championships Tournament Responsibility Assignments

The WFTDA holds the majority of the responsibility for tournament planning and shoulders the financial responsibility for the competition event. The success of a tournament, however, still requires assistance from a dedicated host league whose main responsibility (planning and financially) are the social events, volunteers and hospitality. The responsibility split is as follows.

WFTDA Responsibility Host League Responsibility
Create event schedules and floor plans. Communicate all schedules to host league and other parties as necessary
Create tournament name, theme, and logo artwork. Collaborate heavily with host to identify themes and images that relate well to their city, venue, and league. Assistance to WFTDA to identify themes and images that relate well to their city, venue, and league.
Select and contract ticket agent. Set ticket prices and policies. Collaborate with WFTDA, as appropriate, to sell tickets via league outlets.
Arrange liability insurance and athlete injury coverage at the event. Confirm all performers have proof of Certificate of Insurance with WFTDA listed as additional insured.
Manage participant/team registration, tracking, and communication. Supply volunteers for the registration table during the event.
Approve entertainment, including halftime shows, fan interaction and DJs. Host League will solicit and work with WFTDA to secure entertainment including halftime shows, fan interaction and DJs and ensure insurance is obtained
Track event financials and submit for payment to Director of Finance. Track all required event expenses incurred by league as pre-approved by Tournament Manager and/or Marketing Director. Submit receipts in a timely fashion as per contract stipulations above. Confirm Host League Leadership is aware of financial procedures and expectations.
Design and produce credentials, trophies and medals.
WFTDA will supply consumable tournament and track materials (printer ink, paper, track tape, dry erase markers, etc.). Host League will loan permanent items (whiteboards, clipboards, penalty box chair covers, track boundary rope, high-efficiency color printer/copier/scanner and one of the same as a back-up [or recommend a place to rent, if necessary], projectors, etc.) to the tournament to help minimize waste or items that cannot be transported easily to the remaining tournaments.
Create post mortem reports and financials. Provide feedback, comments, and suggestions on event to use to improve future events.
Venue and Hotel
Negotiate with, contract, and pay venue. Serve as an “on the ground” point person for WFTDA as needed for walk-throughs, pickup or drop off, etc.
Negotiate and contract hotel room block(s). Serve as an “on the ground” point person for WFTDA as needed for walk-throughs, pickup or drop off, goodwill, etc.
Collaborate with the facility to develop security protocols and emergency plans. Complete the EAP and submit to WFTDA, serve as an “on the ground” point person for WFTDA as needed for walk-throughs, pickup or drop off,etc.
Arrange internet access at the venue. Provide WFTDA with Host League internet requests (not guaranteed).
To the extent that the venue does not govern the concessions, WFTDA will provide for sale of food and beverages. Source food and beverage donations for event volunteers and staff.
Tournament Staffing
Supply Games Tournament Official(s) (1-2) Recruit/supply lead event staff support volunteer
Select and supply officials (referees, NSOs, Games Data, and Tournament Heads) in accordance with WFTDA rules and standard practices. Recruit/supply THO assistant
Arrange EMTs or other medical staffing in compliance with state, local, venue, and WFTDA safety protocol requirements. Refer local professionals who may be interested in working the Event to WFTDA.
Supervise security, production, and track set-up volunteers. Recruit/supply production volunteers pre-event for set-up and during the event as listed above (approx. 30 per day)
Provide training and support to Security and Inclusion Coordinator. Ensure all security and inclusion protocol is followed during event. Work with WFTDA on inclusion education.
Provide all necessary waivers for participants and volunteers. Ensure all volunteers have signed the required WFTDA waivers.
Arrange on-air talent for online streaming broadcast of games and in-house talent for live call of games. Refer any local announcers to WFTDA for potential placement at the event.
WFTDA will provide a Tournament Manager , Marketing and Communications Lead, Sponsorship Lead, and Games Tournament Oversight to provide oversight of the Event. Supply coordinators listed at the beginning of this Schedule A.
Marketing and Sponsorship
Set guidelines for, hire, credential, and work with event photographers/videographers. Refer any interested local or league photographers/videographers.
Set guidelines for, credential, and work with media. Refer WFTDA to local media outlets. Leverage league relationships with local media. As needed, coordinate with the WFTDA to serve as a spokesperson from the host for media coverage.
Create and host event webpage(s). Include link on league website(s) to https://wftda.com/tournaments
Develop and run marketing campaign for the event, including purchasing and placing advertisements, social media campaigns, and creating/developing the website. Actively promote event and drive local league fans and nearby derby community to the event. Collaborate with WFTDA to showcase tournament, as appropriate, via local marketing endeavors.
Design and distribute hospitality guide for teams. Contribute local information, relationships, and flavor to data WFTDA has. Develop additional hospitality efforts, such as shuttles, welcome baskets or sponsor swag.
Design and distribute hospitality info for fans. Contribute local information, relationships, and flavor to data WFTDA has.
Develop corporate sponsor solicitation materials. Use materials to promote sponsorship opportunities and build relationships with local sponsors.
Provide announcers with content, including sponsorship spots. Provide WFTDA with content from local-only sponsor, vendor, and advertiser agreements.
Advise Host League of any sponsors or partners that may wish to support after parties or social events. After parties are not required but may be organized by the Host League. All aspects of organizing and executing are the responsibility of the Host League. Host League will advise the WFTDA know the details of their after parties.
WFTDA will provide 501c3 donation letter Reach out to local restaurants/groceries for food/water donations.
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