WFTDA Announces 2018 and 2019 Playoffs Structure and New Continental Cups System

The WFTDA has adjusted the International WFTDA Playoffs structure for 2018 and 2019. In addition to an adjusted International Playoffs, the WFTDA is announcing a new WFTDA Continental Cup program — voted on by membership — to provide a regional post-season tournament-play opportunity for member leagues that are ranked below the rankings cutoff for the WFTDA International Playoffs.

The International WFTDA Playoffs and Championships will showcase the top 28 teams in the world based on June 30 global rankings. The top 4 ranked teams will automatically receive an invitation and top seeding at the International WFTDA Championships in November. The next 24 ranked teams will be seeded by competitive S-curve seeding into two Playoffs tournaments with the top three teams from each tournament receiving invitations to Championships.

Locations for the 2018 International WFTDA Playoffs and Championships will be announced in early February.

Teams ranked below Playoffs range will be seeded into the new regional Continental Cup tournaments, which serve the teams that may have been represented in Division 2 Playoffs. The WFTDA Competitive Play Committee will determine the number and structure of the Continental Cup tournaments based on the competitive needs of the region annually. This system is scalable and allows for regions to be split or combined and for events to be added in future years. These events are operated by WFTDA-member league hosts using the WFTDA’s competitive brackets and per WFTDA requirements, with the ability to tailor the event to suit the needs of the region.

In 2018, the WFTDA is seeking bids for locations for three Continental Cups: a North America (East region), a North America (West region), and a Europe region. Teams from regions that do not yet have Continental Cups will be assigned to the closest geographic region. The host league will be responsible for financing and operating the event, and the WFTDA will provide a financial stipend, will staff some key tournament positions, and will provide consultation and educational support.

To request bid documents or to ask questions about the process or about Continental Cup tournaments, contact The 2018 International Playoffs locations will be announced in the coming weeks and the 2018 Continental Cup locations and regional assignments will be announced in March 2018.