Tournament Head Announcer Applications Now Open for 2019 Postseason

Applications are now open for Tournament Head Announcers (THAs) for the 2019 WFTDA postseason, including Continental Cups, Playoffs and Championships. THAs collaborate with the Talent Management Committee (TMC) and WFTDA Broadcast to select and lead the announcer crews both on and in venue. A full definition of expectations for Tournament Head Announcers may be found here with the application. The application closes Wednesday, May 22 at 12 a.m EDT. Applications for announcer crews will open shortly after THAs are selected. Any questions about the application processes may be directed to


Since 2014, the Talent Management Committee has vetted announcers for the WFTDA postseason, fostering and overseeing the announcer pool. The TMC mandate has since expanded to include the introduction of standards and job descriptions for broadcast announcers, public address announcers, and emcees at WFTDA postseason events. Heretofore such standards have been referenced internally, but not made available to the community at large. In 2019, the TMC is excited to develop and release additional guidelines and expectations to the roller derby community, starting with the guidelines for THAs. These documents are intended to help nurture emerging voices and provide resources for WFTDA and other roller derby events.

The WFTDA Talent Management Committee recognizes that there is privilege inherent in participating in our systems, and we seek to:

  • cultivate a pool of WFTDA announcers who showcase the exciting diversity and spectrum of capable talent worldwide
  • create opportunities for inclusion in our systems by developing programming to train new announcers, and additionally identify and work to dismantle barriers to participation
  • develop training initiatives in tandem with WFTDA Education

The Talent Management Committee embraces a form of sports announcing that is informative, entertaining and inclusive, and supports the WFTDA Diversity & Inclusion statement. Our announcers are committed to growth and development, and using discourse that is free from sexism, racism, or marginalization of any kind. The TMC is also committed to ensuring that the WFTDA promotes a brand of announcing that critiques athletic performance for the benefit of entertainment, fan engagement, and athletic growth. Our game and our community are unique, and our form of announcing should be unique. To that end, the additional standards and guidelines the TMC is working on include an actionable style guide, a correction policy, guidelines on using Land Recognition Statements, correct pronoun usage, and more.

We also welcome involvement and input from WFTDA Membership. Drop a line to and let us know what you would like to see and hear.

The Talent Management Committee features members from the global roller derby community, with representation from Canada, England, Germany, and the United States. Collectively, members of the TMC have announced over 2000 games and have extensive knowledge of and experience in all commentator positions in tournaments, with appearances at over 50 WFTDA postseason events, including Continental Cups, Playoffs, and Championships. Additionally, the TMC includes members with vast experience as skaters, coaches, officials, and organizers. In 2019, the TMC is chaired by Mr Whistler, and includes Allie Gator, Biertrix, Chloé Gwendoline (formerly Bikini Skills), Lightning Slim, Steffi Skyscraper (formerly Kim Deal With It), Sven WillIBeFamous, and Val Kyria, who total over a combined 80 years’ experience of commentary, with oversight and guidance from Erica “Double H” Vanstone and Jenna “Mia Culprit” Cloughley.

Click here for application information and THA guidelines.