Tournament Head Announcers

Applications are now open for the role of Tournament Head Announcer (THA) at the 2019 International WFTDA Playoffs and Championships, and the 2019 WFTDA Continental Cups.

The 2019 International WFTDA Tournament season includes two Playoffs in September, and Championships in November. For more information and the full 2019 WFTDA Tournament schedule visit Tournament Central.

The 2019 Continental Cups series will include three regional events run directly by WFTDA-member leagues. The THA’s for these events will work closely with the hosts and the WFTDA Talent Management Committee. Please visit our Continental Cups page for more information.

The Tournament Head Announcers will be responsible for managing the announcers at each of the Cups, Playoffs, and Championships. The Tournament Head Announcer applicants will be able to apply for a specific location(s) as they apply for the position. These positions will be selected before tournament seeding has been confirmed. A travel stipend will be provided.

Applications Deadline is May 22, 2019 by 12:00 a.m. EDT.

WFTDA Tournament Head Announcer Requirements

WFTDA Tournament Head Announcers (THAs) act as the on-the-ground organizer and leader of the announcers at WFTDA Continental Cups, Playoffs and Championships tournaments. THAs select announcers for these events in collaboration with the WFTDA Talent Management Committee and WFTDA Broadcast. THAs schedule and organize the announcer team, as well as enforce WFTDA brand best practices. THAs also lead meetings at their designated tournament location. The ideal candidate will have strong multitasking, organizational and leadership skills, plus ample experience as a tournament announcer.

To be considered for the role of THA in the WFTDA postseason, candidates require previous experience as an announcer in the WFTDA postseason (Continental Cups, Playoffs or Championships). Previous THA experience in the WFTDA postseason is required for consideration for THA of Championships. Previous THA experience at any level is an asset but not required for consideration as THA at a Continental Cup or Playoffs.

A WFTDA postseason Tournament Head Announcer is required to fulfill the following duties:

  • Display comprehensive knowledge of the rules, culture and history of the sport.
  • Select a diverse and inclusive team of announcers based on demonstrable performance and adhering to the WFTDA Diversity and Inclusion Statement.
  • Enforce the WFTDA Tournaments Code of Conduct.
  • Provide an environment of continuous improvement for all announcers that challenges and demands communication and engagement from all team members.
  • Secure athlete and volunteer names, pronouns and any other pertinent information to be used during game announcements via official mechanisms, and, when in doubt via direct communication with volunteers, athletes and their agents.
  • Ensure team identity information and tournament scheduling is available to all announcers both electronically and physically.
  • Review announcer performance both live during the tournament and via playback technologies and social media.
  • Appropriately integrate all marketing materials as issued by the WFTDA Marketing department and the hosting entity.
  • Liaise with the hosting entity to create and maintain an announcer comfort space.
  • Schedule the announcers to be used in a venue, broadcast and sideline capacity in conjunction with the WFTDA.
  • Attend the event in full with proper delegation to assigned personnel during absences.
  • Represent the point of contact for announcing issues for all tournament organizers and attending WFTDA representatives.
  • Familiarize themselves with the venue staff and tournament sound engineers to assist in troubleshooting technical issues.
  • Attend online meetings with other WFTDA representatives to prepare for the tournament and debrief post-event.

2019 WFTDA Tournament Head Announcer Application

Completion of the following application will enable an announcer to be considered for the role of Tournament Head Announcer for the 2019 International WFTDA Playoffs and Championships, as well as the 2019 Continental Cups. Any questions about the application process may be sent to the Talent Management Committee.

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