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Detroit Roller Derby

  Detroit, MI, United States of America


Founded in 2005, the Detroit Derby Girls, LLC, are Michigan’s original women’s flat track roller derby league.

The Detroit Derby Girls are committed to advancing and improving the skills of our competitors, coaches and officials in our sport. We support the physical and mental strength of our skaters, and aim to showcase the strengths and talents of our members to successfully self-govern our organization and help it grow. We seek to improve our greater Detroit area community by supporting local businesses, musicians, artists, charities and events. A key focus of the league is to facilitate sportswomanship and goodwill among the Detroit Derby Girls’ members.

The league is comprised of five intraleague home teams and three interleague teams – our all star WFTDA charter, our intrepid B-team and a C-team that picks up nearby games with our local sister leagues. Our intraleague season is September through May, culminating in a battle to win the league championship trophy, the Olive. We skate in the Drill Hall at the historic Masonic Temple in Midtown Detroit.

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