The Continental Cups program provides a regional post-season tournament-play opportunity for member leagues that are ranked below the rankings cutoff for the WFTDA International Playoffs. Each region’s Cup will be hosted by a league in that region, and is set up with the format that best fits the rankings needs of the region.

2019 WFTDA Continental Cups Information

2019 WFTDA Continental Cup - North America West

North America West

August 9-11, 2019
Orem, Utah, USA
Hosted by Happy Valley Derby Darlins


2019 WFTDA Continental Cup - North America East

North America East

August 23–25, 2019
Lancaster, Pennsylvania, USA
Hosted by Dutchland Derby Rollers


2019 WFTDA Continental Cup - Europe


October 5-6, 2019
Helsinki, Finland
Hosted by Kallio Rolling Rainbow

How WFTDA Continental Cups Work

Each year, the WFTDA Competitive Play Committee will determine the number and structure of the Continental Cup tournaments based on the competitive needs of regions globally. This system is scalable and allows for regions to be split or combined, and for events to be added in future years. These events are operated by WFTDA-member league hosts using the WFTDA’s competitive brackets and per WFTDA requirements, with the ability to tailor the event to suit the needs of the region and host.

Teams in the WFTDA are assigned a region, which may be adjusted periodically based on the growth of the WFTDA membership. Currently the regions are North America-East, North America-West, Europe (including the UK and Ireland), Central/South America, Asia Pacific (with the exception of Western Australia), and Africa. Regions without a Cup are assigned to the closest region: Asia Pacific to the North America – West Cup, South America to the North America – East Cup, and Western Australia and Africa to the European Cup.

After the Playoffs are seeded and confirmed, the next highest ranked teams will be placed in their assigned region’s Continental Cup until those brackets are filled. Twelve teams each will be assigned to the North America Cups and eight teams to the European Cup.

Continental Cups Region Assignment List

2018 WFTDA Continental Cups Information

In 2018, WFTDA teams were seeded into two North American Cups that are three-day events with 12 competing teams, while the European Cup is a two-day event with eight competing teams.

See: 2018 Continental Cups Results

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