2019 Postseason Tournaments

Continental Cups

2019 WFTDA Continental Cup - North America EastNorth America – East
August 23–25, 2019
Lancaster, Pennsylvania, USA
Hosted by Dutchland Derby Rollers

2019 WFTDA Continental Cup - North America WestNorth America – West
August 9-11, 2019
Orem, Utah, USA
Hosted by Happy Valley Derby Darlins

2019 WFTDA Continental Cup - EuropeEurope
October 5-6, 2019
Helsinki, Finland
Hosted by Kallio Rolling Rainbow

International Playoffs and Championships

2019 International WFTDA Playoffs: Winston-SalemPlayoffs: Winston-Salem
Sept. 6-8, 2019
Winston-Salem, North Carolina, USA
Hosted by Greensboro Roller Derby

2019 International WFTDA Playoffs: SeattlePlayoffs: Seattle
Sept. 13-15, 2019
Seattle, Washington, USA
Hosted by  Rat City Roller Derby

2019 International WFTDA ChampionshipsChampionships
Nov. 15-17, 2019
Montréal, Québec, Canada
Hosted by Montréal Roller Derby

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2018 Postseason Tournaments

Continental Cups

2018 WFTDA Continental Cup: North America EastNorth America East
August 17–19, 2018
Kalamazoo, Michigan, USA

2018 WFTDA Continental Cup: North America WestNorth America West
August 24–26, 2018
Omaha, Nebraska, USA

2018 WFTDA Continental Cup: EuropeEurope
October 27–28, 2018
Birmingham, United Kingdom

International Playoffs and Championships

2018 International WFTDA Playoffs: A CoruñaPlayoffs: A Coruña
August 31–September 2, 2018
A Coruña, Spain

2018 International WFTDA Playoffs: AtlantaPlayoffs: Atlanta
September 21-23, 2018
Atlanta, Georgia, USA

2018 International WFTDA ChampionshipsChampionships
November 9-11, 2018
New Orleans, Louisiana, USA

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2017 Playoffs and Championships

2017 International WFTDA D2 Playoffs and Championships
D2 Playoffs and Championships

August 18-21
Pittsburgh, PA

2017 International WFTDA Playoffs: Seattle
D1 Playoffs: Seattle

September 1-3
Seattle, WA

2017 International WFTDA Playoffs: Malmö
D1 Playoffs: Malmö

September 8-10
Malmö, Sweden

2017 International WFTDA Playoffs: Dallas
D1 Playoffs: Dallas

September 22-24
Dallas, TX

2017 International WFTDA Championships

November 3-5
Philadelphia, PA

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2016 Playoffs and Championships

D2 Playoffs Wichita

August 19-21
Wichita, KS

D2 Playoffs Lansing

August 26-28
Lansing, MI

D1 Playoffs Montréal

September 2-4
Montréal, QC

D1 Playoffs Columbia

September 9-11
Columbia, SC

D1 Playoffs Vancouver

September 16-18
Vancouver, BC

D1 Playoffs Madison

September 23-25
Madison, WI


November 6-8
Portland, OR

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2015 Playoffs and Championships

D2 Playoffs Cleveland

August 21-23
Cleveland, OH

D2 Playoffs Detroit

August 28-30
Detroit, MI

D1 Playoffs Tucson

September 4-6
Tucson, AZ

D1 Playoffs Dallas

September 11-13
Dallas, TX

D1 Playoffs Jacksonville

September 18-20
Jacksonville, FL

D1 Playoffs Omaha

October 2-4
Omaha, NE


November 6-8
Saint Paul, MN

2015 Tournament MVPs

See the 2015 tournament MVPs.

2015 Officiating Crews

Check out the 2015 officiating crews selected for Playoffs and Championships.

2014 Playoffs and Championships

D2 Playoffs Duluth

August 15-17
Duluth, MN

D2 Playoffs Kitchener-Waterloo

August 22-24
Kitchener-Waterloo, Ontario, Canada

D1 Playoffs Sacramento

September 5-7
Sacramento, CA

D1 Playoffs Evansville

September 19-21
Evansville, IN

D1 Playoffs Salt Lake City

September 26-28
Salt Lake City, UT

D1 Playoffs Charleston

October 3-5
Charleston, WV


Oct. 31 – Nov. 2
Nashville, TN

2014 Tournament MVPs

See the 2014 tournament MVPs.

2014 Officiating Crews

Check out the 2014 officiating crews selected for Playoffs and Championships.

2013 Playoffs and Championships

D2 Playoffs Des MoinesD2 Playoffs Des Moines
August 16-18
Des Moines, IA

D2 Playoffs KalamazooD2 Playoffs Kalamazoo

August 23-25
Kalamazoo, MI

D1 Playoffs Fort WayneD1 Playoffs Fort Wayne

September 6-8
Fort Wayne, IN

D1 Playoffs RichmondD1 Playoffs Richmond

September 13-15
Richmond, VA

D1 Playoffs AshevilleD1 Playoffs Asheville

September 20-21
Asheville, NC

D1 Playoffs SalemD1 Playoffs Salem

September 27-29
Salem, OR

WFTDA ChampionshipsWFTDA Championships

November 8-10
Milwaukee, WI

2013 Tournament MVPs

See the 2013 tournament MVPs.

2013 Officiating Crews

Check out the 2013 officiating crews selected for Playoffs and Championships.

2012 Big 5 Tournaments

Sugarbush ShowdownEast Region Playoffs

September 28-30
Burlington, VT

Bay of ReckoningWest Region Playoffs

September 21-23
Richmond, CA

Thrill of the SpillNorth Central Region Playoffs

September 14-16
Niagara Falls, NY

Grits and Glory

WFTDA 2012 Championships
November 2-4
Atlanta, GA

2012 Tournament MVPs

Learn more about the 2012 tournament MVPs.

2012 Officiating Crews

Check out the 2012 officiating crews selected for Playoffs and Championships.

2011 Big 5 Tournaments

Nightmare on 95East Region Playoffs

September 16-18
Baltimore, MD

Bridgetown BrawlWest Region Playoffs

September 23-25
Portland, OR

Show Me Der-B-QSouth Central Region Playoffs

September 30-October 2
Kansas City, MO

Monumental MayhemNorth Central Region Playoffs

October 7-9
Indianapolis, IN

The Big 5 Blog

Check out the Big 5 Blog for features, daily tournament updates, news, and more tournament recaps.

2010 Big 5 Tournaments

Thunda on the Tundra

North Central Region Playoffs

September 10–12
Green Bay, WI

Derby in the Burbs

East Region Playoffs

September 24–26
White Plains, NY

Rollin’ on the River

West Region Playoffs

October 1–3
Sacramento, CA

Uproar on the Lakeshore

WFTDA Championships

November 5–7
Chicago, IL

Download a printable 2010 Regional Playoffs Tournament Bracket

2009 Big 5 Tournaments

In previous years, there was just one regional tournament for each half of the country (East and West), and one national tournament for the eight teams who qualified from both regional tournaments. With the creation of four regions in 2008 (West, North Central, South Central, and East), we now have five tournaments, called the “Big Five:”

Wicked Wheels of the East

Eastern Regionals

September 11–13
Raleigh, NC

Brawl of America

North Central Regionals

September 18–20
Saint Paul, MN

Southern Fried Smackdown

South Central Regionals

September 25–27
Atlanta, GA

Derby on the Rocks

West Region Playoffs

October 2–4
Denver, CO

Brawl of America

National Tournament

November 13–15
Philadelphia, PA

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